The role of FMB Disputes Services

The FMB can assist consumers who have a dispute with a member company. A consumer is a private individual who has entered into a contract with a member, and has not made the contract in the course of a business. FMB does not offer site inspections.

The disputes service offers a free conciliation service. We will acknowledge receipt of a completed dispute form and pass the relevant details to our member. The member has 14 days to respond from the date they receive the complaint form from the FMB.

If the FMB is unable to resolve the dispute then we can offer the parties the option to use independent mediation. The FMB uses Small Claims Mediation (SCM). A nominal charge is payable to SCM for these services by both client and member.

Mediation is independent from us and the FMB has no responsibility for the service and it’s outcome. You can of course consider court action.

FMB Disputes Service is not able to offer assistance if:

  • The work was carried out by the company before they become a member of the FMB.
  • The company has ceased to be a member of the FMB.
  • You have not tried to resolve the dispute directly in writing with the member.
  • The works carried out by our member has been rectified or completed by another builder.
  • You do not want the FMB member to return to site.
  • The dispute is being considered by another Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body.
  • The dispute is being considered by the Courts.
  • The FMB is not responsible for paying compensation or making a financial award on behalf of its members.

The FMB will consider disputes if the parties have sought legal advice and/or instructed a solicitor or sought assistance from Trading Standards. We will decline to assist only if the use of these third parties would seriously impair the effectiveness of the service offered by FMB to its members and their clients. The use of the independent mediation could still be available.

FMB as a trade body cannot offer consumer advice to clients of members and if you need advice you can contact the Citizens’ Advice Helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or visit the website. If your dispute is with a trader who is not an FMB member please visit for a list of ADR providers who may be able to help you.

If you have read and understood the information and wish to make a complaint against a member of the FMB, then please begin the procedure by downloading the form on the right. The form cannot be completed online. if you are unable to download the form we can email or post the form to you, please contact the disputes team on 01223 463111 or email

The FMB members are expected to adhere to the FMB Code of Practice. We can, if appropriate, refer the Member’s conduct to the FMB National Standards and Conduct Committee for consideration for breaches of our Rules and/or Code of Practice. This is an internal matter between the FMB and its member and will be dealt with as appropriate after the dispute has come to a conclusion. While FMB members must meet our criteria, the membership in itself does not offer any guarantee on their work. Members can provide a warranty through FMB Insurance Services.

The FMB is committed to providing quality services for the benefit of all users. However violence, aggression, abuse (be it psychological, physical, sexual or verbal), bullying, harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated against members of staff under any circumstances. The FMB reserves the right to withdraw any services and individuals could be reported to the police.

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