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Building a Greener Britain

Welcome to the FMB's 'Building a Greener Britain' Campaign Website

Download Transforming the UK's Existing housing Stock
Download Transforming the UK's Existing housing Stock (PDF, 1.3MB)

The UK has a legal commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. All the main political parties accept the need to move the UK towards a low carbon economy. However, the challenge to transform the way we live and work is immense. If the UK is to meet its legal target then the homes we currently live in will need to be transformed to make them greener and more energy efficient over the coming years. The challenge is immense but it also affords excellent opportunities to rethink how we construct and maintain our buildings to help ensure they have a long term future. Coupled with this is the development of new skills which if addressed correctly have the potential to make the UK a world leader in creating low carbon economies.


The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is the largest trade association in the construction industry. Founded in 1941, the FMB has thousands of vetted members UK wide.  As the voice of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry, the FMB works closely with a number of government departments and agencies in pursuit of the common goal of a highly skilled, legitimate, sustainable and safe construction industry that the public can trust. The FMB also recognises the role construction can play in creating a more sustainable Britain and most importantly is committed to ensuring that government objectives for sustainability are practical.
The FMB believes there are four key drivers to bring about a low carbon built environment:

  • The need to minimise waste across the industry
  • The need to reduce carbon emissions from housing and other buildings through innovation in materials and process
  • The need to create sustainable communities and a sustainable work force, and
  • The need to give as much specific and practical advice as we can, directed to real design and site activity.


The FMB is determined that the building industry should be a lead player in the move towards a low carbon built environment. We aim to achieve this by outlining policy recommendations to government and opinion formers to enable builders to play a full and constructive role in building the new greener, more energy efficient Britain.