Apprentice Award national finalists 2021

Congratulations to the regional and devolved nations' winners of the 2021 Apprentice Award who will now go on to compete in the National Master Builder Awards on 24 September 2021. Check out the full list of national finalists below and learn more about these amazing apprentices.

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Apprentice Award - Finley Anderton of Carwyn Jones Construction Ltd (Cymru)

Finley Anderton_Carwyn Jones Construction Ltd_Apprentice_Wales (1).png

After being let down by his first employer halfway through his first year in college, Finlay Anderton showed initiative and resilience and was given a second opportunity to undertake a plumbing apprenticeship by Master Builder company Carwyn Jones Construction Ltd. After joining the team, Finlay got involved in all aspects of the construction process and was eager to learn new skills to make him a better plumber. His current employer is immensely proud of the way Finlay has recently completed his first and second fix of a bathroom and believes his determination to succeed in circumstances where many would have given up makes him an exceptional apprentice.

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Apprentice Award - Layla Williams of JKL Construction & Carpentry Ltd (Eastern)

Layla has followed her childhood dream of being a carpenter just like her father. She has always shown a passion for the role from the moment she could walk and talk; getting involved with garden projects with great enthusiasm and gaining a good understanding of tools and their uses. Recently she has been expanding her knowledge and skill set, becoming a dependable member of the team at JKL Construction & Carpentry Ltd and beginning a promising career in the industry. Layla impressed the judges with the valuable contribution she is making to the family business during challenging times.

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Apprentice Award - Harry Castle of David Smallcombe Ltd (Midlands)

Harry Castle demonstrates a willingness to extend his knowledge beyond joinery; his chosen trade apprenticeship, to understand the complete construction process. Our judges noted his enthusiasm and passion, evidenced by him offering to come in over the weekend to do extra work and progress his training. Harry even overcame a critical COVID illness, returning to work in record time to continue his learning. His employer, David Smallcombe Ltd, states: “We have been training apprentices for over 30 years, and Harry stands out as an exceptional example of a perfect apprentice”.

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Apprentice Award - Luke Emery of Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd (Northern Ireland)

The judges commended Luke for his enthusiasm to learn from all members of the Lowry Building & Civil Engineering team, and for undertaking additional learning to supplement his personal development through his NVQ Level 3 in Site Carpentry. He has shown a willingness and ability to adopt new technology as it emerges and has helped colleagues to do the same, demonstrating excellent team spirit. He also made a great impression on the judges with his “first-class” communication skills and his kind, approachable nature that makes him an asset to any team. Luke's colleague and joinery mentor commented: "It is a pleasure to teach a natural talent like Luke”.

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Apprentice Award - Ben Wilcock of Broadfield Construction NW Ltd (North West)

Demonstrating great ambition and hunger to succeed, Ben has impressed his employer and the judges by investing in driving lessons to increase his mobility and take on extra work as he progresses his apprenticeship at Broadfield Construction. When the pandemic took hold, Ben overcame significant challenges in his personal life to remain positive and committed to his role. Broadfield consider him a great asset to the team with excellent potential for further development, stating:

Whatever the future holds for this young person he will achieve great things and we will fully support him...”

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Apprentice Award - Rodrigo McCafferty, H M Raitt & Sons Ltd (Scotland)

Rodrigo McCafferty’s employer H M Raitt & Sons recognised his exceptional dedication to learning his trade as a second year Apprentice in Joinery, and his enthusiasm for taking on new tasks. He possesses a natural ability with tools and an outstanding commitment to the job, demonstrated by his willingness to cycle from his home at 5.45am on dark, freezing Scottish mornings. H M Raitt & Sons believe him to be one of their very best apprentices and are proud of the way he has become a valuable member of the team whose services are requested frequently by their tradesmen on-site.

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Apprentice Award - Ed Brosch of Stonewood Builders Ltd (South West)

Earning top marks and a distinction in his NVQ Level 3 in Carpentry, as well as taking on further training in the fields of Working at Height, Mobile Tower Erection, Asbestos Awareness and First Aid, Ed’s commitment to his career development has always been beyond question. The judges recognised his “"talent, perseverance, and ambition” as well as the "first-class attitude" that makes him an asset to any organisation, as evidenced by his workplace mentor in the following quote:

"Ed consistently demonstrates and applies a sound understanding in theory and underpinning knowledge. [He is] highly motivated, keen to work and learn and is a hugely valued member of our team."

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