Building Company of the Year national finalists 2023

Congratulations to the regional and devolved nations' winners of the 2023 Building Company of the Year award who will now go on to compete in the National Master Builder Awards on 22 September. Check out the full list of national finalists below and learn more about these amazing building companies.

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Central Building Company of the Year - C Wood & Son (Luton) Ltd

2023 Central MBAs, Building Company of the Year, C Wood & Son (Luton) Ltd, winner presentation

Like most building firms, C Wood & Son Ltd faced significant challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns. The team elected to grant their workers significant pay rises to reward them for their 20 years of loyal service and absorbed the additional expenses without passing them on to clients.

Their investment in staff really paid off, with their dedicated workforce continually striving to find solutions to material shortages and working conditions, which has helped them retain clients and keep the business on track. The judges were impressed with this Master Builder’s commitment to both staff and clients, and the breadth of work they have managed to deliver during an incredibly trying period for the industry.

Find out more about C Wood & Son Ltd.

Cymru Building Company of the Year - ASD Build Ltd

2023 Cymru MBAs, Building Company of the Year - ASD Build Ltd

With a view to tackling the skills crisis in UK construction, ASD Build Ltd has invested in its workforce as part of an approach designed to create a committed workforce for the long term.

They now have a trusted cohort of talented tradespeople which has enabled them to react quickly and responsibly to the varied challenges the industry has faced in recent years. They also engage with local apprenticeship providers and universities to source up-and-coming talent and provide robust training plans designed to help them realise their potential in the trades.

Their investment in people has helped secure more clients across Wales in the Residential Social Housing sector, whilst also expanding into Nottingham, England. In 2023, the company has secured seven years' worth of work with a value of more than £100 million, ensuring that exciting times lie ahead for this dynamic building firm.

The judges were impressed with ASD's ambitious growth plans and the effective management practices that have helped them grow and develop to reach more clients and deliver larger projects.

Find out more about ASD Build Ltd.

London Building Company of the Year - Home Republic Ltd

2023 London MBAs, Building Company of the Year - Home Republic Ltd

Home Republic Ltd have achieved a great deal in the last two years, delivering more than 40 projects across London with a 100% success rate and perfect review scores.

They've expanded their turnover three times in this period alone and done so despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and material shortages.

They've also maintained a strong commitment to their staff, ensuring that all of them remained gainfully employed throughout the lockdown periods, conducting regular onsite health checks and instilling a strong sense of company values and best practice through their own Code of Conduct.

Home Republic offer a free professional photography service to all clients with completed projects, as well as dedicated post-production aftercare, helping to cement their reputation as a true Master Builder taking pride in delivering quality work on every job.

The judges were impressed by the volume of high quality work this team has managed to produce, and by the company's devotion to looking after both clients and their staff. 

Find out more about Home Republic Ltd, who are also an FMB Insurance customer.

Northern Ireland Building Company of the Year - Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

2023 NI MBAs, Building Company of the Year - Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd 2000px

With clients including the likes of NI Water to cater for, the recent challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic meant that Lowry Building & Civil Engineering had to get creative in order to guarantee a continued service in relation to key infrastructure projects. Some of these pertained to the provision of clean drinking water and the treatment of wastewater, making their work vital to the local community’s wellbeing. 

The company responded by overhauling their IT system to facilitate remote working for key personnel. They also worked proactively with clients to mitigate the impacts of material price instabilities when they too impacted their work streams.  

What’s more, the team have worked hard to prepare the next generation of Master Builders by appearing regularly in local primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to promote the construction industry as a career path.  

The family-owned company is proud to have been in business for more than 60 years, and in December 2021, hosted their own celebratory event to honour staff who have provided 10, 20, 30 40 and an impressive 50 years of service to the team.  

The judges were impressed by Lowry’s continued investment in, and support for, their staff, as well as the apprenticeship schemes in place to recruit and train future builders.  

Find out more about Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd.  

North West Building Company of the Year - E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd

2023 NW MBAs, Building Company of the Year - E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd

When E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd had a key team member poached from them, the whole team pulled together, showing great determination to overcome this blow to the business and continue to deliver a top-notch service, whilst a replacement was sourced.  

This Master Builder also enacted an effective strategy in dealing with the volatile material costs arising from the Ukraine conflict, remaining fair and transparent with their clients, even as they were forced to pass on higher prices. 

The company continues to invest in training for their workforce to upskill those on site and in the office. They also offer a healthcare package as an employment benefit, and regularly donate to the Emma Cosgrove Foundation so that children spending Christmas in hospices can still receive gifts and enjoy the festive period.  

The judges were impressed with the builder’s passion for giving back to the community, and willingness to fund team members’ career development. 

Find out more about E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd, who are also an FMB Insurance customer. 

Northern Counties Building Company of the Year – R & B H Alderson Ltd

MBA 2023 - Northern - Building Company of the Year - R & B H Alderson Ltd.jpeg

With over 100 years' knowledge and experience, this family business runs on expertise passed down over four (soon to be five) generations. But as the building industry is constantly evolving, they recognise the need to move with it. 

R & B H Alderson Ltd takes pride in good communication, and the team have their finger on the pulse with new regulations and building standards. They have an excellent track record with staff retention, with many of the team having been with the company for more than 25 years – which reflects their positive leadership approach. They support their staff and sub-contractors both at work and in their home life, offering support to colleagues going through difficult times. They also make sure their workplace is inclusive by being flexible around childcare commitments. They told the judges ‘without our staff we will have no business, so supporting our staff is paramount to us.’ 

From their humble beginnings with a horse and cart, to a fleet of vehicles in 2023, they strive to be the best they can. In a market where reputation matters, they provide not only high-quality workmanship but an excellent aftersales service too, with many happy clients returning as repeat business. 

Find out more about R & B H Alderson Ltd

Scotland Building Company of the Year - Haldane Construction Services Ltd

2023 Scotland MBAs, Building Company of the Year, Haldane Construction Services Ltd

Now in its 20th year of trading, Haldane Construction Services has prevailed through some of the toughest conditions the business has ever faced following the passing of its founding member Andrew Haldane and the disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic / material shortages. 

Despite these setbacks, the team have continued to fulfil their commitments to clients and even brought onboard two new apprentices to support the next generation of Master Builders. To that end, the business continues to invest in training and upskilling for its staff, who, with an average age of just 28, still have an enormous amount to offer the construction industry. 

Their client relationships have remained exemplary despite the pressures placed on them by recent circumstances, with fortnightly meetings and professional conduct central to ensuring their continued health.  

The judges described the company as an 'inspiration' and agreed that the team have shown great resilience in the face of significant challenges. 

Find out more about Haldane Construction Services Ltd, which is also an FMB insurance customer. 

South West Building Company of the Year - AB Conduit Building

AB Conduit Building, 2023 South West Building Company of the Year winners

Despite the significant disruption to supply chains and working conditions in recent years, AB Conduit Building is a firm that has remained committed to protecting its workforce’s wellbeing, and meeting or exceeding their obligations to clients – even when it meant losing money on fixed price contracts.

During the pandemic when others were laying off staff, this Master Builder proudly retained their entire roster, rewarding them for the loyalty and service they continue to deliver. Regular breaks at 10am for a builders’ breakfast, 1pm for lunch and 3pm for coffee ensure that staff remain focused and committed to delivering high quality work. Friday night drinks also offer a chance for team bonding, and for boss Andrew Conduit to show his appreciation for his dedicated squad.

The judges commended the firm’s clear appreciation for their staff, and commitment to developing trust and working transparently with all their clients.

Find out more about AB Conduit Building.

Southern Counties Building Company of the Year - Lofthouse Residences Ltd

MBA 2023 - Southern Counties - Lofthouse Residences Ltd - Regional winner- Building Company of the Year.jpg

Despite only trading for the past three years, Lofthouse Residences Ltd have already made their mark in the SME construction space – particularly around the use of renewables and sustainable building. Their company mission is 'Building Extraordinary Everyday', which they have met by carving out a niche customer-centric concierge service, delivering an exceptional experience and finished product.

Lofthouse’s team-focused approach stood out for the judges, who praised their ‘great ethos to invest in their team first with the aim that good business will follow.’ Talent recognition is encouraged through training, mentorship, and apprenticeships, with the judges commending their inclusivity and ‘great support of employees and subcontractors’. Lofthouse are also nurturing the next generation of master craftspeople through college apprenticeship funding.

Their community work also drew the judges' attention, with their sponsorship of local youth football and cricket teams. Lofthouse Residences Ltd provide kit and equipment for all ages and take care to ensure the sports are accessible for disabled participants.

Find out more about Lofthouse Residences Ltd.

Yorkshire & Trent Building Company of the Year - Paul Richardson Plastering & Building Contractor

2023 Y&T MBAs, Building Company of the Year - Paul Richardson Plastering & Building Contractor 2000px

Having set up shop just five years ago, Paul Richardson Plastering & Building Contractor is a business that has shown great promise from the outset, and has grown to a team of 10 people.

They have maintained a five-star review rating from clients from the very beginning, despite having to grapple with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic so early in the business’s life. They continue to take on more, and larger projects, and have revamped their approach to waste management, seeking to reuse materials from their projects as part of a greener approach to site management.

Their first apprentice has just become fully qualified, which has served as a great source of pride and inspired the company to take on another. As the company has grown they have maintained a friendly, family-orientated culture that allows for flexible working hours and early finishes on Friday, whereafter they get together and socialise.

Find out more about Paul Richardson Plastering & Building Contractor.

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