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  • A personal journey and a lesson for us all: why mental health matters in the workplace

    Last year Construction News launched an annual survey to measure how well the construction industry is performing in recognising and helping with the mental health of its workers. The results were shocking: 30% of construction professionals have taken time off due to mental health issues or stress; 63% did not tell their employer that this was the reason for their absence; and 24% have considered taking their own life.
  • Getting the treatment right

    The words ‘Use Class’ sound as if they have more to do with illicit substances than timber products, but making sure the ‘treated timber’ you buy is appropriate to the end use – the Use Class – that you intend is vital to your safety and that of your team. It also makes a critical difference to how long certain timber products will last.
  • FMB Member Builds Accessible Home to Support Independent Living

    In 2017 York Builder were approached about a project they could not refuse – one that offered the chance to give independence to a young lady with mobility challenges by building a home specially designed to give her control and access to all areas of the property.
  • FMB member wins Charity of the Year Award

    Alison and Alan Staley from FMB member firm ASBC Heritage & Conservation Specialists have won the Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year award for their work with the Little Stars charity they founded. Since their first fundraising event in 2015, Little Stars has raised over £5,000 for Foetal Medicine and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at their local hospital – a target they are hoping to at least match over the next 12 months.
  • Cancer incidence in the construction industry

    The building industry is not without its fair share of hazards, but perhaps one of the most serious threats workers face today is exposure to carcinogens. Whilst builders often work in an occupation filled with risk, they can maintain their health for years to come by following proper safety protocol.
  • Local football club is saved by local FMB Member volunteers

    On a crisp frosty Saturday morning, a team of volunteers from a local Member of the Federation of Master Builders, Kisiel Group, turned up to spend the day working on much-needed improvements to the RPVC grounds in South West London.
  • Builders - how to protect against tool theft

    It’s an alarming statistic but tool thefts rose over 30% in 2016 compared to the previous year, with the value of those tools stolen increasing over 40% in the same period. The Builders Blog looks at what you can do to combat this rise.

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