In the technology-based world we live in, many aspects of life and doing business, including communication, have been digitalised.  While this move towards faster and cheaper communication on a global scale has many benefits, it remains important not to forget the impact paper-based communication can have and how it allows your business to stand out. While tasks such as sharing news or information have been facilitated by E-Mail or messaging tools, those of us that grew up in a time before most of our interactions occurred online, will remember the joys of receiving a greeting card or hand-written letters. There is a hint of effort and personalization that goes along with such paper-based communication.

While the majority of marketing occurs online, real-life/offline marketing is still of great importance. In combination with your digital marketing efforts, you will most likely need to engage in events and networking in the real-world as well. This is where one form of paper-based communication plays a vital role.

Creating your own business cards using an online printing company such as can be the easiest way to leave a personalized first impression with the potential of future business engagement. How, you wonder?

  • Exchanging your personally designed card gives the recipient the chance to remember you and recollect where the connection with you was made. It creates a lack of personal exchange if you are both typing into mobile phones trying to exchange contact details, rather than having a physical reminder such as in the form of a card.
  • Beside the fact that carrying business cards on you is the easiest, most reliable form of having your information on hand, it is also an easy way to communicate your brand image and leave the other person with a specific first impression of the business.
  • Additionally, it will engage you and the receiver in eye contact and face-to-face conversation, which is fundamental to the beginning of most relationships.

There are other ways in which paper-based communication can be a simple way to increase your business success. You can have an impact on someone’s day by simply sending a hand-written thank you card to your client or supplier. Within the hundreds of e-mails and a handful of bills and junk mail delivered by the postman on a daily basis, a hand-written letter is surely to stand out and leave a positive impression. 

It is so rare these days to receive any personalized mail, as everything is sent out as a mass-written e-mail or letter, not actually formulated for you personally. When we do on occasion receive such a letter, invitation or postcard in the mail, it is sure to be the first thing we open, and we tend to read it with more attentiveness and curiosity. You would remember that someone took the time to write you personally, whereas an e-mail or messenger chat can quickly get lost in the masses.

Looking at paper-based communication from the perspective of productivity, a paper and pen to jot down your notes and to keep track of things throughout the day has also shown to be more productive and lead to you remembering more of what you write down. A study in the journal Psychological Science found that taking notes with pen and paper in comparison to using laptops, leads to longer retention of information and suggests that it also leads to higher quality learning.

Beside the benefits of taking in the information we type and read throughout the day, falling back onto paper-based communication in the workplace can be a refreshing break from staring into screens, which we all do enough of at work as well as in our free-time.

Overall it seems important not to forget that there is still a place for paper-based communication in the digital era we live in. Technology and digitalization of information will not be able to replace the personal aspects of communication and for small business owners specifically, it can help to fall back on traditional ways of communicating in order to stand out and make yourself and your business more memorable.