; FMB - Master Builder Membership Criteria Table
The Federation of Master Builders

FMB- Master Builder Membership Criteria Table

Since 2011 all of our new Master Builders have passed an independent inspection before joining, and in 2015 we began the process of inspecting existing members every 3 years.

Upon joining all members will have:

Membership Criteria
and Checks
Signed to respect the FMB Code of Conduct Yes
Confirmed their trading address/ details Yes
VAT registration (if applicable) Yes
Employer (if applicable) and public liability insurance (I) Yes
Verified that they have no undischarged bankruptcies or relevant and outstanding County Court Judgements Yes
Passed credit checks, public record and director checks upon joining Yes
Undergone an independent inspection of building works in progress upon application for membership (3) Yes
A minimum of twelve months trading history Yes
A minimum of three years trading history and have provided one years accounts Yes

All members are bound by the Rules of the FMB as well as the Code of Practice.

  • Preferential rates are available from FMB Insurance
  • Building work guarantees are FMB Insurance warranties that provide protection to the client if their registered builder has ceased trade or otherwise refused to return to the property to rectify proven latent defects in insured work. FMB Insurance provide a wide range of warranty products for every aspect of construction. FMB Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FMB and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • For members applying to join from 1st February 2011

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