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Warning signs for construction as growth slows

Published date: 23 October 2017

Growth among construction SMEs slowed in most parts of the UK in the third quarter of this year....

Builders slam hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic

Published date: 16 October 2017

A hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic would be damaging to the NI construction sector...

Small builder leads development of new T-Level

Published date: 11 October 2017

The Government is right to appoint a construction SME representative to lead development of the construction element of T-Levels programme...

Sturgeon must do more to tackle the housing crisis

Published date: 10 October 2017

The Scottish Government must do more to address the housing crisis...

Migration Watch UK is wrong to say no need for EU workers

Published date: 05 October 2017

Migration Watch UK is wrong to suggest that there is no need for EU workers...

Council house building needed to solve housing crisis

Published date: 04 October 2017

PM is right to announce sweeping measures to enable councils to build a new generation of social house building and end the housing crisis....

Labour must work with business on its plan for post-Brexit economy

Published date: 27 September 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour will need to work with businesses large and small to deliver its vision of a strong economy......

This is the CITB’s last chance

Published date: 26 September 2017

The CITB has one last chance to fundamentally reform and start facilitating quality training en masse among the construction industry’s SMEs...

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