FMB Programme for Government 2015-2020

The construction industry is vital to the health of the UK economy – for every £1 invested in construction, 92p stays within the UK. Construction is also central to delivering the Government’s key social and environmental objectives.

We know that without a flourishing construction industry the economy will falter – as a nation we would be unable to deliver the new and refurbished homes, schools, hospitals, energy and transport infrastructure which our society demands.

Moreover, the construction industry is one of the UK’s biggest employers and provides more than three million people with a meaningful and rewarding career.

Most of the firms which deliver these vital projects, whether as the principal contractor or as part of the supply chain, are small and medium-sized (SME) firms like the ones we represent.

Therefore, barriers to construction SMEs are also barriers to the success of the wider industry and ultimately, to the success of the UK as a whole. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) Programme for Government (PDF, 527KB) provides a concise overview of the key policy priorities for decision-makers in Westminster, the devolved governments, local authorities and the wider public sector from the perspective of the SME construction sector.

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