Arun Drying Solutions Ltd are repair and maintenance specialists based in Littlehampton, West Sussex with over 30 years' experience in the industry. If you've had a home emergency, we will react as soon as we receive your call. Utilising state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras and building construction knowledge, we can find your leak and stop the escape of water quickly and efficiently, mitigating further loss and damage. We are one of the fastest growing, professional restoration companies in the South of England.
We employ a team of technicians who are fully qualified in building drying, fire and smoke restoration and mould remediation. Using the latest technology, monitoring equipment, energy-efficient dehumidifiers, air movers and heaters, ADS will dry your building in a matter of weeks, saving time and money and getting you back to your home or business as soon as possible.
Following any disaster we also offer a full restoration service, ensuring that the property is rebuilt and handed back in its pre-loss condition. We have an in-house surveyor who will liaise directly with all involved, insurance companies and loss adjustors, keeping everyone up to speed during every step of the process. We will also produce condition surveys and moisture mapping along with traditional damp surveys and reports.
Drying Out Services: 
We can all be vulnerable to flood and water damage, either from environmental factors such as heavy and prolonged rain or from domestic or industrial accidents or equipment failures. Drains and gutters can overflow and the surface water comes into your home or your business. Other times, water damage is the result of a leak in a pipe – that could be central heating, waste pipe or mains water.
Whatever the cause of water damage, we are equipped to rapidly find and stop any leak, dry your property to the highest standards and repair or rebuild on your behalf.
Repairing Fire Damage: 
Fire damage can be devastating to the decoration and fabric of your property, and the smoke and heat can leave long-lasting odours which cling to possessions and property.
We expertly remove fire damaged materials and professionally dry your building, preventing further damage. In areas which have escaped destruction but which have smoke damage, we can clean those areas of your property with the latest latex soot removal techniques, and with new technologies undertake odour elimination and control.
Mould and Rot Damage:
Mould in a building can present serious health risks to it's occupants and can also destroy materials contained within the building fabric. To grow, mould needs moisture, warmth and a food source (e.g. plasterboard, wood, paper carpet).
There are numerous types of mould and come that can be a variety of colors, including green, black, yellow, white and even pink and it’s very difficult for the general public to assess whether the mould they are experiencing will pose a danger to their health. If you are sensitive to mould you may experience asthma type symptoms if breathed in.
Repair and Restoration:
Restoring a property after flood, fire or mould damage can be complicated with lots of third parties. Contractors, loss adjusters, insurance companies, builders, waste removal and more.
Call us first and we will liaise with your insurance company and project manage your contract removing the stress of coordinating multiple teams. We will repair and restore your property to the highest quality and reduce the length of the works so you can get back to normal quickly.
Make one call to us and we’ll sort the rest. We will take all the pressure away from you by doing the whole job from detecting the flood to drying it out to repairing and restoring. Giving you peace of mind.
Our rapid response service is based in West Sussex which covers the South of England, however if you have a requirement outside of this area please call and we will discuss how we can assist you.

Trades offered

Commercial builder
Maintenance Contracts
Insurance Work (Fire/Flood/Damage)
Handyman and maintenance
Builder general
Garage conversions
General extension
Bathroom fitter
Carpenter and Joiner
General carpentry
Kitchen installation