Specialising in New Builds, Extensions, Thermal Efficiency & Passivhaus. Self Builder Support. Loft & Garage Conversions Conservatories/Sun Rooms Alterations Refurbishment Renovation Bathrooms & Kitchens etc. but we are always open to a challenge!!We pride ourselves on our enhanced attention to our Clients specific project design details and requirements. Covering a vast range of projects from general maintenance to unique custom built designs. We provide our Clients with a highly personalised service and continual communication with our Clients throughout their project ensuring Client satisfaction at all times. Our service caters for every aspect of each project. All trades are covered and in addition we will project manage co-ordinate/schedule the progression of works and liaise with authorities concerned on behalf of our Client if and when desired. The extent of our involvement is purely based on our Clients personal preference. We actively encourage our Clients to take as much control over their design and build as possible. We feel the experience of a new property development can be very rewarding for Clients especially for domestic projects. However we are also very aware of the frustration Clients may encounter when dealing with technicalities and are more than happy to advise support and assist with these areas to minimise stress. Our extended team of certified sub contractors are utilised whenever required or prove to be a more cost effective option for our clients dependant upon the scale of build. We strive to complete projects as cleanly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the finest quality in workmanship and finished detail. The diversity and individuality of our Clients designs are of the utmost importance to us and it is always a pleasure to help our Clients achieve whatever they envisage.

Trades offered

Commercial builder
Maintenance Contracts
Builder general
General extension
Barn Conversions
Loft conversions
Carpenter and Joiner
General carpentry
House Builder
Custom/Self Build
Disabled/elderly home adaptation
Accessible Bathrooms
Accessible Kitchens