Customer testimonials

01 Aug 2018

We selected D. Faulkner from a number of contractors to build our home. We contracted to Derek to manage the whole build from outline design including all services from construction to wiring, tiling and plumbing etc. We are confident that we made the correct choice. The staff Derek uses are indeed very good. Things that stand out in particular are the quality of the brick work, the natural slate roof, the quality render finish and cladding which all our friends and family have commented on, and tiling, all of which we were and are very pleased with." Overall Derek is very professional and cares about the standard of work which was key for us. Communications were good at all times and the project was very well managed. The costs were transparent and any alterations to the original contract were dealt with in a very upfront manner. The overall quality is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending D. Faulkner to others (as indeed I have done on a number of occasions!). - Paul


29 May 2018

'Derek leads a young but highly experienced, innovative and professional team whose high quality of work is apparent in all aspects of our build. He gave great attention to detail and took genuine interest in all our ideas, providing great advice and thus reduced any stress involved with building a new home. We are very satisfied with the end product and we would definitely recommend D. Faulkner Contracts to anyone thinking of embarking on a building project.' - Philip