Customer testimonials

10 Jan 2020

I have an Edwardian property. The cellar was initially damp but over the past 18 months the water ingress had got worse culminating in a foot of water gathering over a 24-hour period and continuing to fill after bailing. It reached the point where we were bailing out every night after work and the water was seeping through the brickwork at shoulder height. The space was obviously unusable, and the stairs were rotting. After explorations from the insurance company they confirmed it wasn't dirty water, but the ingress didn't seem to be related to rainfall and was untraceable. Peter from Johnson Ellis came and took the time to understand the problems we were having and worked out the best solution. He also brought the manager from Wykmarol on site to determine the best approach to give us a dry storage space. The work was completed quickly, they always cleaned up after themselves every night and I had no hesitation in giving them keys so they could come and go as they pleased. I now have a dry cellar, with a new floor & walls & lighting, a pump and alarm. It's a functioning storage space I don't have to think about anymore which is exactly what I wanted. - W.H