Customer testimonials

01 Mar 2018

We confirm we have known Entire Project Solutions since 2013. Joe was instrumental in building our beautiful 6 bedroom house in Standish which involved difficult groundworks and a split level tanked base and road base where we still live. Ordering of materials and equipment, administration and legal issues were dealt with throughout in an amply competent manner by Sam who also helped calm the nerves as required from time to time on our first build! More than satisfied with this build we re-engaged Joe and Sam for a further successful build (4 bed detached house) in Harwood, Bolton and more recently instructed them for a renovation of an investment property. Joe & Sam worked tirelessly and in a very professional and competent manner and it is without hesitation that we have given this testimonial. - Simon & Maxine

Wigan, Bolton, Manchester

01 Mar 2018

We’d been looking to move home to a bigger property but all the property’s we viewed never came up to our expectations, Were we being fussy? the thought did cross our minds. Then a new build property was put on the market about 1/2 a mile from where we currently lived, perfect !!! We drove to the location to see the property for ourselves, we were greeted on site buy Joe. Joe was more than happy to show us around the property and explain the layout of the rooms for us, we told him there and then we were very interested in the property and would like to know more details. Joe spoke with his wife Samantha and arranged a meeting the following day. We met on site the next day and met with Samantha who took us through the specification of the house this detailed what appliances and kitchen spec they were putting in, what the driveway would be paved with and the colour of tiles in the bathroom. Asked if we could choose the tile design ourselves Samantha told us the tile shop they bought from and we could go down and choose. The following day we spoke to the estate agents and put down a offer on the house which was subsequently accepted. As the house was a new build we were positively encourage to visit site as often as we could so we could watch the progression and have active involvement in the build, ie position of sockets and tv Ariels. In our particular case I asked Joe & Samantha if they could convert the double garage into a room, which with the short notice I gave them was a big ask but they happily shuffled things around to accommodate this extra work. I’ve been in the property 12 months now and couldn’t be happier. Thank you. - Iain

Harwood Bolton