Customer reviews

22 Jun 2021

Colin and his team did an excellent job sorting out a damp problem in my daughter's Victorian terraced house, which was originally built as temporary housing for workers building the railway from London! The job involved repairing collapsed foundation walls,inserting air vents,replacing the floor,stitching cracks in the external wall and digging out 3 foot of concrete around the external walls and installing a French drain.Colin has a wealth of experience which was really helpful as it was not obvious what work needed doing.The team always started on time at 8:00 am and the rubbish was put in bags and taken away quickly.The road was too narrow for a skip.The costs were extremely reasonable and Colin was reluctant to charge above the quote for digging out the concrete, which ended up taking 2 days for 3 guys to do.I would certainly recommend Havewell Construction Ltd and I have already asked them to do more work. - Dr Chris Hanbury

St Albans

07 May 2021

Colin & his team at Havewell Construction truely showed how a business should work. From the very start of our project until the very end they were true to their word & their costings. The whole way through we held our breath waiting for something to go wrong but never once was anything a problem. Five Stars is not enough for the level of service & workmanship we received. Thanks again Havewell :-) - Darren Weeks


09 Oct 2020

Our extension took place over lockdown and despite this and all the pressures/supply complications that would have created, Colin and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Colin is fully trustworthy and really helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Colin and his team. They were truly fantastic and transformed our house. A few specific points worth calling out as I think these are really important: The team were always on site by 8am and worked a full day. Colin often on site several times a day and always at key stages Colin always picked up the phone or called back/texted immediately Their work was really high quality and all aspects seemed well within their capabilities Colin worked seamlessly with other suppliers, actively managing transitions The budget was detailed (11 pages), fully itemised and transparent Small changes accommodated for no extra charge. Larger items costed fairly, transparently and always with permission. Items removed took the price down We also lived on site with two toddlers. They kept the work area clean and there was not an evening without heating/water despite replacing and moving the entire hot water system - Mr M

St Albans