Is your business feeling the pressure from increased material prices? Are you looking to protect your profits as the cost of doing business continues to grow?

With material prices rises predicted to remain high until at least mid-2022, profit margins are under pressure. This webinar will give you the latest updates and the tools to protect your profit.

Joanna Mulgrew, Managing Director of HBXL Building Software will discuss how to prepare estimates that factor in fluctuating prices and inflation, and highlight other costs you need to include to maintain healthy profit margins. Be ready with a pad and pen as there will be a lot of useful tips!

Joanna will be joined by Nick Oates, Managing Director of the National Buying Group, who will share the perspective of buyers in the supply chain and will offer guidance on upcoming market trends, including which material prices are due to stabilise and which will continue to rise. He will also provide advice on how to work with your merchant to get the materials you need for your projects.

Webinars are delivered via Zoom and are available to FMB members only.