What does quality look like? One definition of quality states it as the degree of excellence of something. But who is the judge, and what does that mean for you as the home owner when it comes to selecting a builder for your project?

Quality standards affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives and that’s why it’s important that setting these standards is taken seriously. From the quality of the toys we gift our children, to the standards required to manufacture safe and reliable cars, all must adhere to a strictly imposed set of standards in order to meet our needs as a consumer.

Recommendations are important; like when you are referred to that Michelin star restaurant by a friend or family member. But at the end of the day, it’s the Michelin stars that stand out, isn’t it?

It’s the same with our builders. While recommendations from friends and family go a long way to proving the worth of a builder, knowing that they have been judged against a strict set of standards helps us to sleep at night.

It’s for this reason that we have instituted a program of inspections to ensure that our members are checked against the strict quality and safety standards outlined by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). The BBA provide a fully accredited and independent inspection service with a team of assessors responsible for checking the quality of onsite installations and projects.

Inspections from BBA assessors are being conducted on a day-to-day basis as the team travel the length of the country to make sure the consumer can trust in the quality assurances promised by us here at the FMB. This inspection process started in 2011 as part of the member application process, and has now been extended to existing members regardless of how long they have been with us. Ultimately our aim is to ensure that all members will be visited by a BBA assessor every 3 years.

We recently spoke to Jeremy Holehouse who is the field supervisor for the BBA assessor team who explained the important role they play for the consumer.

“Our inspections for the FMB have been great; the team has carried out inspections on a whole range of projects. From newly laid tarmac driveways to a fully renovated castle, it’s been a pleasure to view some fine workmanship,” says Jeremy.

“The process enables the FMB to ensure that all of its members are reputable and providing a good quality service to their customers. The inspections provide confidence to the consumer, that the work that has been carried out has been completed to a satisfactory standard and has met all of the regulatory compliance.

“By monitoring the FMB members we can provide consumers with assurances for the builders they are commissioning to work on their projects. We can give them the satisfaction to know that they are a reputable building company.”

We want the name FMB to be synonymous with quality and it’s by setting standards for our members to adhere to and be judged against through an inspection process that we can make promises to homeowners. We use these inspections to promote our members because we are proud of the work they achieve daily.

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