When you first move into a new place, it can be hard to make it feel like your own. Unless you have built your dream home, it’s probable that the colour scheme, finishes and fixtures were chosen according to the previous owner’s taste and don’t match your own.

Here are some simple ways to express your personality and make your new home feel like your home. These are also great ideas for people who are renting and don’t want to invest money in renovating someone else’s property.

Spring clean

Hopefully, the previous residents cleaned the property thoroughly before you moved in but even so, your new homes might smell a bit too clinical and not like your own until you’ve cleaned it yourself. Find some some scented products and use a familiar brands to help make it smell like home.

If deep cleaning your home is the last thing you can bear to think about having just dealt with the stress of moving, you can always pay a professional to do a one-off deep clean. The price you’ll pay depends on the size of your house but we’re sure it will be worth it to have a sparkling home.


As soon as you’ve worked out where to drop your bags and leave your coat when you enter the house, put up some coat hooks. Set up a rack or a box for your everyday shoes and work out how much wardrobe space you need in the bedroom. Well-placed storage prevents clutter and makes life easier.

Switch up your window décor

Curtains and blinds are a great way to make a room “yours” without having to paint. In a plain room, the curtains can be the thing that either inspires or pulls your existing colour scheme together.

A good tip is to choose the same liner fabric on all windows so you have a consistent look from the street.

Make it cosy

Have a blanket next to the sofa, frame some pictures of your family and hang on the wall, put out vases of fresh flowers, some candles on the dinner table, and a big fluffy rug in front of the sofa – it’s these little things that turn a property into a home. Your home.

For more tips on how to make your home cosy, check out this recent blog by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) on how to master the Danish art of hygge. There is no direct translation into English for the word hygge, but it encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being by enjoying the simple things in life, and a lot of this comes down to your décor.

Paint the front door

There’s not much you can do to personalise the outside of your house, especially in areas that don’t have front gardens, but painting your front door can really make a difference. This useful article from Ideal Home explains how you can go about painting your own front door.


Art pieces are a great way to put your stamp on a property without committing to doing any more than putting up some hooks. Bring your existing art or trawl the internet and shops for some new pieces.

If you’re looking for a tradesperson or decorator to help you with any of these ideas then use the FMB’s ‘Find a Builder’ service to find one in your area.