McCallister Residence, Home Alone

The address 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka may not look like much, but there’s a reason it sold for over £1million. This is possibly one of the most iconic houses of all, known as the house where Macauley Culkin’s Kevin McAllister took on two full-size adult criminals in ‘Home Alone’. We’re still unsure how 8-year old Kevin took down two hardened criminals on his own, but this movie classic will be played at Christmas for years to come.

Rich Manor, Richie Rich

The picturesque Biltmore Estate in North Carolina has featured in countless films, from Forrest Gump to Patch Adams, but the best use of the home was arguably Richie Rich, another Macauley Culkin classic. The Biltmore Estate, which is America’s largest private residence, is worth over £100milllion and is still owned by the descendants of George Washington Vanderbilt II, who built the house. The estate has an actual river flowing through it and its own McDonalds. It doesn’t get much more frivolous than that!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s Castle, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now a hotel, the Victorian Gothic manor house, Oakley Court, featured in multiple classic movies between 1949 and 1981, notably the musical Rocky Horror Picture Show. The hotel hosts a popular annual “Time Warp Picnic”, where fans from across the globe gather to celebrate the cult-classic. Outside of its notoriety for featuring in the quintessential cult classic, the hotel also boasts its own polo team and has been visited by the Queen!

Hotel Excelsior, The Witches

In the film version of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’, Luke Evershim is put in a difficult situation when he discovers that the hotel he is staying in is hosting a convention of witches looking into a potion for turning children in to mice. This is all filmed at Headland House, a real sea-side hotel in Newquay. The Victorian masterpiece has hosted celebrities and members of royalty ever since it was first built and is one of England’s best known hotels. A little known fact about The Witches is that one night during filming Rowan Atkinson left his bath running as he fell asleep and flooded the room below, ruining the production team’s equipment – how Mr Bean of him!

Scarface Tony Montanas house

Tony Montana’s Mansion, Scarface

El Fureidis made its name as Tony Montana’s lavish mansion in classic American crime thriller Scarface, which is often considered the best mob movie of all time. The aspirational El Fureidis played a central role in showing how far Tony rises during the movie. Although people assume El Fureidis is the perfect example of a Miami mansion, it is actually based all the way across the States in Santa Barbara, California. Unfortunately, when the mansion went on sale in 2014 its fame failed to get it anywhere near its £26million price tag, eventually selling for just(!) £9million.

What’s your favourite movie house? Let us know and we will try and find out where it is now!