Home interior

When you first move into a new place it can be hard to make it feel like your own. Here are some simple ways to express your personality and make your new pad feel like home, many of which are also suitable for renters who aren't looking to make permanent alterations to the property.


A spot of spring cleaning...

spring cleaning

Sometimes previous residents can leave behind a mess, on other occasions a clinically-clean house can be hard to settle into. Finding some new some scented products - preferably from a familiar brand - and conducting a clean-sweep can soon help your surrounding start to smell like home.


Set up some storage


Put up some coat hooks and set up a rack or a box for your everyday shoes, you may also want to work out how much wardrobe space you need in the bedroom - well planned storage spaces prevent clutter and makes life easier in the long run, as well as bringing a sense of order to your new environment.


Switch up your window treatments


Curtains and blinds are a great way to make a room “yours” without having to paint. In a plain room, the curtains can be the thing that either inspires or pulls your existing colour scheme together.


Make it cosy

pets on sofa

Keep a blanket on the sofa, frame some pictures of your family, put out vases of fresh flowers, some candles on the dinner table, and a big fluffy rug in front of the living room – it’s these little things that take a house and turn it into your home.


Paint the front door

painting front door

There’s not much you can do to personalise the outside of your house, especially in areas that don’t have front gardens - but painting the front door can really make a difference and help provide a welcoming exterior to home to each day.


Add some art


Art pieces are a great way to put your stamp on a property without doing serious DIY. Bring your existing art or browse the internet / local shops for some new pieces.


Let there be light

light fixture

Look into putting up some statement light features – these can really have a striking effect even with simple LED lighbulbs inside!

Remember: If you’re looking for a tradesman or decorator to help you with any of these ideas then use our find a builder service to find one in your area.