It will soon be too cold to work outside, so consider tackling these indoor projects this winter instead. They could improve the look and feel of your home, and keep you active in the winter months!

Block draughts

Draughts or air leaks can make the temperature of your home drop by several degrees and can cause you to waste unnecessary cash by driving up your heating bills. Check for gaps around windows and doors, and invest in some self-sticking weather strips to block any gaps. Making sure your attic and basement is properly insulated is also a good tip for keeping draughts at bay. For more ideas on how to limit the problem of draughts, visit the Nationwide blog here.


Check your roof

Now is a good time to check your roof, before it gets too cold. It is important to clear off any debris that has landed on your roof during the summer months. This will also be a good chance to make sure no tiles have blown off or become loose. Just make sure you have a sturdy ladder, a reliable spotter and make sure your shoes have good grip – safety is crucial here.

Keeping your roof in good repair now may well save you serious headaches further down the road.



When spring arrives, you’re not going to want to spend time sifting through piles of junk in your home – you’ll want to be outside enjoying the warmer weather. Winter is therefore a perfect time to get organised.

A popular way of doing this is the “do I love it, do I need it?” method. If you any spare storage, you could also put some things into hibernation for a while and see if you miss them.

Another good tip is to take small steps. Don’t try to tackle the entire house at once – start small, and go slow.



We realise adding insulation isn’t the most exciting of jobs to get stuck into, but it will save you money. Top-rate insulation is the ideal way to lower your heating bills. Newer homes generally are better insulated than older homes. If you live in a period property, now is therefore the time to sort your insulation out, before the winter chill really sets in.

If you have cavity walls in your property check whether cavity wall insulation has been fitted. It is a good idea to have insulation professionally installed to avoid moisture problems or air quality problems but remember to wear a facemask, goggles and protective clothing if you choose to do it yourself.

For more ideas on how to keep your heating bills down this winter, check this home owner blog post out.

It’s easy to get cabin fever this time of year, but throwing yourself into a home project is a great way to keep yourself active, add value to your home, make your property more comfortable and cheaper to run and beautify or improve your living space. It’s win-win!

If you need a building firm to assist you in getting your home ready for winter, make sure to use the FMB’s ‘Find a Builder’ service to help find a reputable firm you can rely on.