Whether you are building a new home, carrying out renovation work or building an extension, you need to find the right builder for the job.

At the FMB, we connect clients with quality, local builders they can trust.

Master Builders are committed to high standards and their membership of the FMB must be earned. Members have to pass a vetting and independent inspection process before joining.

The Master Builder logo represents quality, trust, protection and experience. When you choose a Master Builder company, you can build with confidence.
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Discover the Master Builder difference

Master Builders are:

Professionally vetted and independently inspected on joining

  • Master Builders are professionally vetted and independently inspected on joining to ensure they meet the high standards expected of a Master Builder company.
    • Our vetting process includes checking a builder’s trading history, credit history, public liability and employer’s liability insurance.
    • Our inspections process involves an independent assessment of building work by the builder, which is completed by the BBA or RISA.

Committed to abide by the FMB’s Code of Conduct

  • The FMB Code of Conduct outlines the standard practices that are expected of FMB members, which includes providing written quotes and contracts, complying with health and safety regulations, upholding standards, maintaining regular communication with clients, ensuring guarantees, warranties and certificates are passed on, and leaving a home clean and tidy with waste properly disposed of.

Able to offer a written contract with every job

  • A written contract can help to provide peace of mind for you and your builder by reducing the chance of confusion or disagreement during the build process. The FMB provides members with jargon-free contract templates.

Able to provide an FMB Insurance warranty for extra peace of mind

  • Both the client and builder can take out insurance. If you have any questions about insurance cover for your project, contact the team at FMB Insurance who would be happy to help.

Finally, as the ultimate back-stop, our members and their clients can access our government approved disputes resolution service. The service is free and means we provide assistance to help get the work back on track should that be needed.

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Start your search 

Our search is easy to use, helping you to find quality Master Builders in your local area. You can browse member profiles, add builders to a shortlist and email your enquiry to your shortlist in one go. Read our ultimate guide on how to choose a builder for more guidance on what to look for in your search.

Find a Builder

Find vetted and independently inspected Master Builders in your area.

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Check a member

If you would like to check whether a builder is an FMB member, you can use Check a member tool to search for them using the company name.

Companies falsely claiming FMB membership
Using the logo of a trade body without permission is a criminal offence. We work closely with Trading Standards, which has the statutory authority to prosecute, to protect the FMB brand and report companies that use our logo without authorisation. If you see a company using the FMB logo and you have reason to believe they are not a member, please alert us by emailing [email protected].

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