Camille Dubuis-Welch, Senior Writer

With a decade of experience writing and creating content under her belt, Camille has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Having completed her degree in English Language and Italian at The University of Manchester in 2012, where she first began blogging and copywriting, Cam then worked in PR and print before copywriting for Groupon and its partnerships (including The Guardian UK and US, the HuffPost and for two years. In 2020, she joined Future plc to edit There, her keen eye for interior design was explored as she wrote on topics ranging from the latest decor trends and organisation tips, to advice on DIY for renters and homeowners alike.

Her role as senior writer for FMB has seen her interrogate the best home security systems that consumers can buy, keeping a firm eye on affordability, lifestyle and the latest technologies, as well as delving into the world of green home technology and renewables. A self-proclaimed eco-warrior, Camille champions the best deals available on the sustainability market and will happily provide top tips on how to start being greener in the home environment.

Camille currently resides in North London and is passionate about all things design and travel; outside of work she can be found inhabiting one of London’s galleries or expanding her photography portfolio further afield.

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