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The ability to use contracts for your work brings an extra sense of professionalism and security to your business, and will help build consumer confidence in your brand.


Key Benefits of Using Contracts


There are a number of key benefits to using FMB contracts in your work with clients:


Proof of Agreement

Entering into a contract with your clients ensures both parties know what is expected from each other, and provides proof of a professional agreement between you and your client.


Avoid Misunderstandings

Verbal agreements can often be subject to colloquialisms and short-hand which leave room for interpretation, giving rise to issues further down the line. The process of fleshing out a contract can be beneficial to both parties in terms of clarifying exactly what the other needs and / or wants and reducing the scope for confusion.


Peace of Mind

When a contract is generated you can rest easy safe in the knowledge that the terms of your agreement have been finalised. This gives you peace of mind to pursue the project without having to stop at every stage to agree the next step.


Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute contracts also provide a legal basis for your claims, helping to ensure a speedy and just resolution. This confidence boost can also stimulate a more efficient process overall as concerns about payment processing and timescales are put to rest. 


Example Contract


FMB members can access a suite of contracts for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland through the member login portal. All contracts cover up-to-date legislation - we've included a sample below to help you get a better picture of what our members have access to:

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Join today and gain access to:

  • Commercial and industrial building contracts
  • Building contracts for domestic work
  • Subcontractors' contracts

Hear about how the contracts work from one of our members in the video below:


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