The Federation of Master Builders

Federation of Master Builders Membership Criteria

The Federation of Master Builders has been improving standards and helping our members to build better for over 75 years.

Before becoming a Master Builder all new members must meet our strict membership criteria as well as passing our vetting process.

Any FMB member must have a minimum of 12 months trading history, have public and employers' liability insurance & pass credit and director checks for the application to be accepted.

If you have previously been self-employed / sole trader in the construction industry and can provide documentation this will count towards your 12 months trading history if your current company is newly formed.

Since 2011 all of our new Master Builders have passed an independent inspection before joining, and in 2015 we began the process of inspecting existing members every 3 years.

Our inspection partner, an independent organisation accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, will also carry out an independent inspection of your work on behalf of the FMB before your membership can be activated. That way we can ensure that Master Builders remain committed to the highest possible quality standards.  

Members of the FMB agree to comply with the Code of Conduct upon joining and every time they renew their membership. The Code of Conduct for Members (PDF) lays down the minimum standard practices expected of our Members in the construction industry.

Each FMB member has:

  • Signed to respect the FMB Code of Conduct
  • Confirmed their trading address/ details
  • Employer (if applicable) and public liability insurance (1,2)
  • Verified that they have no undischarged bankruptcies or relevant and outstanding County Court Judgements 
  • Passed credit checks, public record and director checks upon joining 
  • Undergone an independent inspection of building works in progress upon application for membership (3)
  • A minimum of twelve months trading history
  1. Preferential rates are available from FMB Insurance
  2. Building work guarantees are FMB Insurance warranties that provide protection to the client if their registered builder has ceased trade or otherwise refused to return to the property to rectify proven latent defects in insured work. FMB Insurance provide a wide range of warranty products for every aspect of construction. FMB Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FMB and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  3. For members applying to join from 1st February 2011


TrustMark is a not-for-profit social enterprise, developed in 2005 with Government, industry and consumer protection bodies. Its aim is to give consumers confidence in firms to undertake work that is of high quality, is protected and delivered at agreed costs.

The Scheme’s Operators and Registered Firms commit to meeting a set of Core Criteria, which are reviewed and updated annually.


FMB Insurance's New Homes Structural Defect Insurance (also known as Build Assure) is a fantastic alternative to the traditional 10-year structural warranties currently on the market.

Cover includes: structural defects identified up to 10 years following completion, pollution affecting the property, defects caused by failure to comply with building regulations and more. The policy can even be transferred to future owners if you choose to sell your home within the 10 year post-completion period.

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