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TrustMark is the only Government-endorsed standards scheme for trades that operate in and around the home. Developed in 2005 with national government, industry and consumer protection bodies, it's aim is to give consumers confidence in firms to undertake work that is of high quality, is protected and delivered at agreed costs.

The scheme’s operators and registered firms commit to meeting a set of core criteria, which are reviewed and updated annually.


Joining TrustMark


Builders and other trades can only join TrustMark through a registered Scheme Operator relevant to their trade. It is not possible to join TrustMark directly. The FMB is the largest of all the Scheme Operators and the only one that is specifically for builders, meaning we can provide a wide range of unique benefits and services to builders.

When you join the FMB, you can choose to join TrustMark too; membership costs £84 (including VAT) in addition to the annual FMB Membership. 


Key Benefits




Joining both the FMB and TrustMark means that you can proudly display the TrustMark badge alongside your FMB logo, offering a high level of reassurance to clients that you are amongst the very best builders in the country. 

You will also receive logos for your van, website and business materials that, together with the FMB logo, build greater confidence in your business. 


Federation of Master Builders

TrustMark logo 


This means you can prove to clients that your business delivers Trustmark’s key consumer benefits:

  • Work that is regularly inspected to ensure consistent quality
  • A positive commitment to good customer service and trading practices
  • The most robust level of consumer protection available, thanks to Trustmark's rigorous Framework Operating Requirements and Code of Conduct


More work for your business


TrustMark membership provides additional promotion to consumers for FMB Members, with the TrustMark website getting over 750,000 visits per month. Together with your listing on our Find a Builder Online Directory, this provides unrivalled exposure for your business to consumers who can be confident in hiring you to complete work. 


Consumer reviews


Previous customers of TrustMark Registered Businesses can leave reviews on the TrustMark website. These are verified to ensure each review is genuine and businesses are able to respond to the reviews. This helps to build better business-client relationships and improve customer service as a whole.


The Information Hub


When you join TrustMark you will gain the opportunity to contribute towards a brand new consumer-focused information hub to be hosted on the TrustMark website. This expert-led project will offer a treasure-trove of free information to consumers considering buying, selling or improving their properties, and offer you the chance to learn and contribute to the wealth of cross-industry knowledge available.


BSI Standards integration


Registered businesses will have access to BSI Standards within their sector, representing a saving of hundreds of pounds. These organisations will be able to demonstrate a higher level of commitment to quality and ever-improving standards by operating to these standards, without the initial cost outlay normally required.


A Unique Partnership


Builders and other trades can only join TrustMark through a registered scheme operator relevant to their trade. It is not possible to join TrustMark directly. The FMB is the largest of all the Scheme Operators and the only one that is specifically for builders, meaning we can provide a wide range of unique benefits and services to builders.

When joining the FMB you will always have a choice to add TrustMark registration to your membership.

TrustMark membership costs £84 (including VAT) in addition to the annual FMB Membership.


Key Responsibilities


Carrying the TrustMark badge brings a real boost to your business, but it also brings responsibilities. For more information on the standards all TrustMark-registered businesses must adhere to, please review their Code of Conduct and their Customer Charter

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