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At Be Constructive we have been helping homeowners and businesses increase the energy efficiency of their properties for the best part of a decade.


We understand every building is different and we tailor our solid wall insulation to match your requirements.

·         Want a breathable insulation material? Done

·         Desperate to hang on to the pebbledash feel? We will recreate it!

·         Decided that a pink house might be just the ticket? We can do that too!

·         Would you like the finish to look like real brick? Not a problem at all!


We understand solid wall insulation is a big investment, and while our purpose is to make your home more energy efficient and help you save money on your energy bills, if we can improve the look of it at the same time then that for us is a job well done. All of our solid wall insulation and render systems come with at least a 10 year warranty so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.


We appreciate that any construction project can feel a bit overwhelming, so at Be Constructive we manage the whole process from start to finish, leaving you with nothing to worry about!


If you want to learn more about solid wall insulation give us a call or even better drop by our office for a chat. We can show you the types of finish we can offer, how we go through the install process and we can offer you some of our world class coffee!


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It started with one of the sales person Jack who was very friendly and helpful explaining the process and setting up our expectations in accomplishing all details and also understood our required design to incorporate into the final drawings. The service and advice has been great. Overall, I would like thank all at Be Constructive and would recommend Be Constructive to everyone looking at insulating who wants a stress free experience.

External wall insulation project Epsom


I was amazed at the transformation the EWI made to my house. We decided to insulate the whole property, which meant applying for planning permission because we are in a conservation area. Be Constructive helped us through the planning process and helped make the front of the property match the rest of the street, using a combination of plaster moulding and brick slips. The extra cost was well worth it as the property now closely matches all the others in the street, all except it is now far warmer, and the damp problems we had are now gone!

Solid wall insulation Kingston


Be Constructive were really helpful, competitively priced and just seemed to know what they were doing. You could tell that the installers were really experienced with insulation and render, and they were really industrious, working hard all day. We are really pleased with the insulation as it has made a huge difference over the winter

External wall insulation


I called Be Constructive as they were recommended by a friend. Their quote was really detailed and gave a full breakdown of what was involved in the works, where many other companies just gave a price. The workers were really efficient and tidy, and everything was finished within 2 weeks. I received all my warranties in the post a few weeks later. The end result is really pleasing on the eye and makes a big difference compared to the old pebbledash. Jon

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External wall insulation London


Be Constructive and its trades were absolutely wonderful in the application and quality of the inulation. Best choice of installers ever. Our friends and colleagues here our story and wish they had chosen Be Constructive. Thank you all you good tradies, you were so consumer friendly and helpful. It has been a delight. Like myself my wife is so impressed with all of the trades and the Be Constructive team in the quality of work and delivery you have done. Happy wife, happy life. Thank you


External wall insulation


-Workmanship was very good. You can't expect everything to be perfect but they did an amazing job.-

Well managed, always updated on progress- Customer service were great, responsive and were always on my side when issues came up


External wall insulation


Solid wall insulation


External wall insulation


Solid wall insulation 


Solid wall insulation Oxford



This property in Oxford posed several somewhat unique challenges, not because of the property itself, but because of the specific requirements of the customer. We are always keen to meet the customers specific requirements and ensure their house looks exactly right for them – we try not to tell you what you should have, we listen to what you want and then let you know what we can do to make it happen, and this job was no different.


External wall insulation


A property in need – to a property indeed

This prop­erty in Uxbridge was not only look­ing a bit dejected, after years of weath­er­ing and gen­eral wear and tear had taken its toll, but was also wast­ing the occu­pier money because of it being con­structed using a sin­gle skin of solid brick, which is ter­ri­ble at con­tain­ing the heat pro­duced by the cen­tral heat­ing sys­tem.

The occu­pant often had to have his heat­ing ther­mo­stat set in the 20’s, yet still felt cold. The answer was to apply and install 100mm of EPS with strength­en­ing ren­der to main­tain the property’s heat as well as pro­tect the property’s con­struc­tion from the ele­ments. The EPS is a fan­tas­tic insu­la­tor, which should help save the cus­tomer around £300 per year as well as dra­mat­i­cally increas­ing com­fort. He need hardly put the heat­ing on at all now, as his sides are party walls with his neigh­bours and the front and back of his prop­erty is exten­sively insu­lated to lev­els bet­ter than the reg­u­la­tions for cur­rent build­ing reg­u­la­tions.



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This was another of our solid wall insu­la­tion projects.


This was another of our solid wall insu­la­tion projects.

This customer’s house had a com­bi­na­tion of gloomy old peb­bledash and stained paint­work. The rea­sons for insu­lat­ing here was twofold: increas­ing warmth whilst smarten­ing up the exte­rior.

This instal­la­tion brought a few chal­lenges for us to over­come. Firstly, we had to extend a long gas run (we only ever use Gas Safe engi­neers).

Although the customer’s porch was not ren­dered as part of the exter­nal wall insu­la­tion sys­tem, she wanted it to match the rest of the house. We mixed paint of the same colour as the ren­der and applied that. Ren­der and paint can never be matched exactly because they are dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als and tex­tures, but it was a pretty close match.

The end result was a great improve­ment – both aes­thet­i­cally and struc­turally.


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