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Hush Soundproofing Ltd provide a range of soundproofing services across the UK from domestic soundproofing, commercial soundproofing to industrial soundproofing projects.
Our extensive range of acoustic solutions and services can be installed efficiently at your convenience to reduce airborne sound pollution. Our teams are available throughout the whole of the UK. With branches in LondonSouth WalesBristolBirmingham and Manchester we can oversee all projects with ease.

Our team of acoustic technicians and installers have many years of experience in this specialist field making us the best choice for an effective installation and professional service.

All installers are also affiliated with a trade prior to their acoustic training making them capable of not only installing our effective systems but also trade specific items such as plumbing, carpentry and electrics, meaning we can provide renovations to your space alongside any remedial acoustical work, Hush Soundproofing Ltd can save you the stress of having to approach multiple companies by keeping all of your projects under one roof with Hush Soundproofing’s own Project Management planning.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide a friendly reliable service to put our customers at ease. We provide a 'one-stop-shop' service which saves having to get other tradespeople in which saves time and also reduces the stress on our customers.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Testimonials (3 testimonials)

Soundproofing Between Offices


Very happy with the communication, cost and work carried out. Thanks again!

Noise Pollution


Amazing service, no more noisy neighbours! 100% would recommend to anyone who thinks they have a problem with noise pollution!

Soundproofing an apartment


A tricky job soundproofing an apartment above a shop with too many noisy freezer units. Two false walls created and a false floor, all in two days - well, they did work 8.30am till the sun went down. a noise reduction of 70% suggested, more like 90% when the job was done. And all I needed to do was paint the walls to get everything back to normal. Thank you guys.

Case Studies


Noise Transference between Offices


Hush Soundproofing were approached by the Institute of Optimum Nutrition with the problem of confidentiality within and between offices, they could overhear people in neighbouring rooms talking which made it difficult to focus. To remedy these issues Hush Soundproofing gave some possible solutions. When we received the information that of the partitioned wall the ceiling had a grid of tiles causing sound flanking, we decided the most cost-effective solution was to put up a perimeter of insulation to stop the frequencies travelling across rooms over the partitioned wall and instead trapping them in the void where they would quickly be eliminated. Other projects similar to the Institute of Optimum Nutrition were Gulf Oil International in London, Social Care Wales and Jimmy Choo Ltd. Both required similar solutions between their office spaces.


COSTCO Optical Refurbishment Project


Hush Soundproofing had been contacted by Scobie Mcintosh as they required a soundproofing and drylining company to undertake a project on behalf of Costco. Costco had announced they were completing a refurbishment of their optometry department. Hush Soundproofing had been asked to undertake all the drylining and soundproofing. The new optical department had been located on the architectural plans next to the tire-fitting bays which would have been an ongoing issue with noise pollution from the machinery and ramps. The Hush Soundproofing team were quickly able to provide accurate quotes and provide bespoke solutions to remedy the noise egress. Hush Soundproofing scheduled a pre-installation visit with Costco to check the area and ensure that the project could be executed without delay. Walls were erected and sealed to meet fire regulations and to reduce the noise leakage to maximise performance. The project was completed with a coat of paint within the timeframe and Costco took ownership of the finished project complete with their new optical rooms. Hush Soundproofing confidently liaised with other tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, flooring fitters and Scobie Mcintosh Ltd. The Hush Soundproofing team ensured clear and precise communication throughout the process and key project points as well as solving any dilemmas to provide a smooth process to the client.




Upon receiving information that RTS Consultancy required acoustic treatment for a bespoke media space, the team at Hush Soundproofing set to work providing solutions hastily. We learned that RTS wanted a curved green screen to be constructed in front of our acoustic independent wall system followed by acoustic reverberation panels being fitted to the ceiling and wall areas. We sent a team onsite to inspect the area and give feedback to the customer followed by a pre-installation visit to gather plans for the project. The work was allocated to a date convenient for the client, the team were able to advise how to construct the green screen as they had completed a similar project for the University of South Wales. Hush Soundproofing provided the independent wall system leaving a 30mm cavity in the wall to allow the trapping of frequencies. This alone reduced sound transmission greatly. Alongside an independent wall system, we had also suggested that the ceiling needed treating as flanking noise was a concern. Hush Soundproofing liaised with an air conditioning company to provide a seamless project service. The mounting of the air conditioning units went as planned. After fitting the air conditioning units, the team fitted acoustic reverberation panels to the ceiling also. This improved the internal sound quality to allow for audio recording to be carried out to a high standard. The teams then finished the wall and ceiling systems with complimenting white and grey matte trade paint. Leaving the client satisfied with a perfect finish for filming and video editing.


FORD Engine Testing Facility


Hush Soundproofing we had been approached by Hamton Environmental Services to have some work done on an engine testing facility owned by Ford. There was a weak area in a wall that was insulated several years ago, the insulation perished over time. Therefore, it was not providing the same acoustic relief as it had done in past years. Also, as this was a high-speed engine testing facility there was consistent noise coming from the facility as engines were constantly being tested until they failed. Hush took steps to insulate the wall with our independent wall system. This removed 123mm from the wall. In this wall, there was a 30mm cavity to allow for the trapping of frequencies as well as insulation to allow for the proper elimination of airborne noise we had refitted all of the external cladding to retain the same look though out the facility.




To help counter any possible PTSD triggers, soundproofing reduces the sound from a source by around 50-75%. For example if a neighbour could be heard next door shouting it may link to or trigger an episode that could cause the person suffering from PTSD to re-experience a past trauma in a warzone. This can cause discomfort, flashbacks, nightmares, distressing images or sensations such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling for the individual. Soundproofing helps reduce the sound which could be the difference in reliving a traumatic memory or having a goodnights sleep. The difference that can be made to someone’s quality of life is truly magical, here is a quote from a past customer who suffered with PTSD. “You guys are amazing, you don't realize what a huge difference you've made to the quality of our home life, all 3 of you will forever be held dear to us and have a place at our table! It doesn't seem enough but Steve, Matt & Anton THANK YOU” Without the constant reminder that when you go to bed you may have an awful night sleep. Instead our PTSD customer can now live in peace. To help make a difference to this veteran’s life the team at Hush Soundproofing reduced the sound of banging from the neighbour. This banging was causing our veteran to have PTSD flashbacks and caused him distress. For this project we used the independent acoustic wall system designed to reduce both impact and airborne noise. This increased privacy and enabled them to have their home back.


Monmouthshire County Council


We had been approached by Monmouthshire County council to provide acoustic treatment within their meeting rooms as the reverberation within the room had proven to be very difficult when talking and taking conference calls, this caused echoing over the phones and was extremely distracting. Immediately we recommended reverberation panels to absorb the noise increasing the acoustic quality within the room.

Without treatment, the sound will echo off the walls, floor and ceiling reach a point where the room’s ability to handle and dissipate energy has been exceeded. In this case people within the room were talking louder and louder to try and overcome the reverberation and can get very difficult to hear and understand. This causes an effect known as ‘ear fatigue’.


Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch


Hush began by corresponding with the owners of the Trapeze Bar. They explained their problem was that as a nightclub their neighbours found that the noise throughout the night was too loud. The council had provided Trapeze bar with an abatement notice forcing them to turn the music down. Hush Soundproofing went ahead and booked a site visit with them; as this was a large project it would span many weeks and so time management was vital. Meetings were made between the director, regional sales manager, quote & estimates manager and the owners of the Bar. To combat the neighbours complaining of noise Hush Soundproofing recommended the use of the independent wall system on all surrounding walls and the use of our independent ceiling system. Both systems offer a large amount of reduction in sound around a 50%-75% decrease. With the main room being treated, the basement was also a weak point for sound transfer, thus Hush Soundproofing provided solutions for the weak points using our systems once more. In order to stop sound leaking and spreading outside, the doors were replaced throughout the building with FD60 acoustic fire doors with an acoustically sealed frame. In order to move the multiple booths in the Trapeze Bar the booths had to be unbolted. There were electrics within the booths, so the connections also had to be cut off and later reconnected as the work progressed.


Ministry Of Defence Building


We have had the pleasure of working within the Ministry of Defence building in Corsham. MOD Corsham has housed the Global Operations Security Control Centre (GOSCC), the central communications hub for all of the UK's military since the late 90s and with that in mind, we had been asked to install some acoustic FD60 doors to enhance confidentiality within the rooms. We are now pleased to announce that we have now been given the approval to work within the other data centres all over the UK. 

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