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SureSet Permeable Paving

SureSet Permeable Resin Bound Paving

Over 20 years ago SureSet revolutionised the concept of clear resin bound paving for external use, and they are still as passionate about their product as they were then.

 Ideal for driveways, footpaths, patios and swimming pool surrounds, SureSet is suitable for all projects; new build or refurbishment and any style; modern, traditional, listed or heritage.

 It is the ideal surface for both commercial and residential properties because:

It’s permeable: cold mixed on site using a process that ensures every particle of stone is completely covered in resin; forming a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the laying process, minute voids are created that allows water to drain through.

It’s aesthetically pleasing: not only is it decorative, resin bound paving is sustainable, practical and versatile.

It’s resistant to weather conditions: doesn’t soften in summer, freeze in winter or fade in sunlight.

Its longevity: resin bound paving is a long lasting durable surface. While SureSet guarantee their installations for 18 years, when properly maintained it can last for more than 25 years.

It requires minimal maintenance: there are no weeds to 'weed' or loose stone to sweep. A regular brush and occasional power wash will keep it looking as good as new.

It provides natural filtration: as surface or rain water seeps through the sub-base a natural filtration takes place – reducing or removing impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals.

It reduces standing water: which in turn reduces puddles, surface water run-off and flash flooding.

It’s SuDS compliant: a water management system introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage flood risk and water quality. Even when it’s laid onto a conventional base excess water can be channelled into drains or water harvesting systems.

It reduces the ‘heat island’ effect: heat islands happen because hard surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, absorb and store heat. Permeable paving allows the soil underneath to breathe, which reduces surface temperatures and thereby the ‘heat island’ effect.

It’s accessible: with no loose stone, SureSet is a smooth, non-slip, surface.

It’s available in a huge range of colours and textures: including bespoke colour blends and recycled materials.

It’s available as Supply and Lay and Supply Only: SureSet provide a wide range of Supply Only products for you to install yourself as well as offering a full nationwide Supply and Lay service.

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