The Federation of Master Builders


Don't miss out on these member benefits!

Not only do FMB members benefit from Everyday low prices in B&Q they will now get 5% off everything if you spend £250 per month and 10% off everything if you spend £500 a month.

Remember that is off EVERYTHING in B&Q, instore and online including promotional or clearance lines giving you access to discounts on over 40,000 discounted products across the full range

Some of our services include:

  • Made to measure windows, doors, staircases and roof trusses
  • Dedicated Trade staff, checkouts and parking  
  • Open early to late 7 days a week
  • 290 stores nationwide
  • Transactional website
  • Bulk Delivery to site
  • 1hr click and collect
  • Account facility
  • Timber cutting
  • Paint mixing

To read our FAQs, and understand more about how the new Scheme works, please visit


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