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In every corner of the world you'll find a JCB machine. JCB is one of the world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment. We employ around 11,000 people on four continents and sell our products in 150 countries through 2,000 dealer depot locations.

Throughout our 68 year history, we have always invested heavily in research and development, keeping JCB at the cutting edge of innovation.

Today, JCB has some of the finest engineering facilities across the globe, produces a range of over 300 machines and maintains a reputation for unrivalled customer service.

JCB, a truly world-class and still family owned company.

JCB Finance - Investment in plant, machinery or vehicles is key to maintaining and developing a successful business. But what is the best way to fund such an investment? We are here to help you to find the right solution for your business.



Case Study 1: £88,000 facility helps start up to get off the ground

“JCB Finance has been very flexible. In this industry you’re waiting 90 days before you get paid so it’s hard to start out. The support JCB Finance gave us really helped set the business up.” – David Sumner, Founder, DLS Plant & Tool Hire

DLS Plant & Tool Hire launched in August 2013. An ambitious start-up, its aim is to turnover £1 million within four years. It specialises in diggers, dumpers and rollers operating from its base in St. Helens.

As a result of JCB Finance’s support, DLS has invested in a range of equipment including two 8026s, along with 3 and 1.5 tonne diggers and six tonne excavators.

The business has already created three job roles and is looking to recruit another three employees over the next two years.

“To get you off the ground you need to invest in machinery ranging between £1,500 and £60,000; you’ve got to have capital in plant hire. As a new small company with no financial history, it was harder to get funding.” – David Sumner, Founder, DLS Plant & Tool Hire

The Challenge

As a small start-up company, DLS needed financial support in order to build up a fleet of machines. Having approached a number of lenders, JCB Finance was the only one to offer DLS the help they needed.

The JCB Finance Solution

JCB Finance worked closely with DLS to secure several finance packages including a £44,000 JCB FlexiLease facility.

In addition a £44,000 Hire Purchase facility was provided which enables DLS to keep the machinery at the end of the agreement.

DLS Plant and Tool Hire


Case Study 2: £115,000 funding enables investment & growth

“Investment is so important in business to ensure profitability. With the finance facility we don’t have to find a huge deposit, enabling us to keep cash in the business. Having a finance option like this is a no brainer for building a company, it’s helped us maximise out potential.” – Mark Brown, Director, Grantchester Construction (Eastern) Ltd

Grantchester Construction has five main areas of operation including; renovation and repair for insurance companies, housing association repairs, defence projects, its own development projects and contracting work.

Instead of contracting work out, Grantchester has 47 staff members who carry out all the work, making the company a one-stop shop for trustworthy work and service.

Grantchester Construction has shaped its business around its customers’ needs and ongoing support from JCB Finance has contributed to the growth of the company.

“We wouldn’t look to purchase anything other than JCB branded machines; the name automatically instils confidence. It was JCB Finance’s affiliation with the brand that initially drew us to it, but it’s been its support and the efficient packages it offers which has kept us with it. Each time we invest it tailors the solution to meet our needs and always offer competitive rates.” – Mark Brown, Director, Grantchester Construction (Eastern) Ltd

The Challenge

In order for the business to maintain its high standards and grow successfully, Grantchester consistently updates its fleet and needed a funding partner to support fleet acquisitions and all areas of the company.

The JCB Finance Solution

JCB Finance provides the business with a £115,000 HP Plus facility that allows lump sum payments and even the option to settle early without being penalised. Using this facility, the company has invested in JCB machinery, and non-JCB vehicles including vans and company cars.

Grantchester Construction

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