Curve is on a mission to simplify the way people spend, send, see and save money. It combines all your debit, credit and loyalty cards into one. So it’s the only card you need to carry (and the only PIN you need to remember).

Connect your bank cards to Curve to earn cashback as you spend at your favourite retailers like Argos, B&Q, Tesco and more. 

Using the Go-Back-In Time feature allows payments made with the wrong card to be switched up to 30 days post transaction - paid for building materials with your personal card? Don’t worry, you can swap the payment to your business card after it’s happened! 

Curve Flex, allows you to pay later for any purchase even retroactively, for improved management of cashflow and refinancing on all major spend categories (even on car insurance, utility bills etc.). Choose 3, 6, 9, or 12 monthly instalments with lower interest rates than a typical credit card or overdraft. Curve provides you with complete visibility of your available credit line, outstanding amounts and payment schedule.

We’ll give every FMB member a head start – make 5 payments of £5 or more in your first 10 days and we’ll boost your Curve Cash card with £5.