EEBS enable construction firms to work with the same sub-contractors on an ongoing basis, protecting them from HMRC Employment Status Reviews & Employment Rights claims.

Why do I need EEBS?

The Issue

If you pay the same sub-contractors on a regular basis puts you at risk from HMRC reclassifying them as employees and receiving costly fines, back dated National Insurance plus interest. You are also wide open to Employment Rights claims from disgruntled sub-contractors.

The Solution

EEBS have been providing UK construction firms for 21 years with leading bespoke payroll solutions that give you complete freedom to match workforce to workload, whilst remaining 100% HMRC compliant. EEBS work with the UKs top tax advisors to create an unbreachable firewall giving clients complete peace of mind. 

Benefits of working with EEBS

Protection GUARANTEED.

  • Protect your business from HMRC reclassifying your sub-contractors as employees and avoid costly penalties and fines.
  • Reduce the risk of Employment Rights claims from sub-contractors
  • Take comfort from EEBS cast iron guarantee that provides 100% protection
  • Flexible arrangement, no sign-up fee, no tie in, no exit fees

Experience, support and compliance

  • Benefit from EEBS vast experience (over 21 years!)
  • Unlimited Director support provided
  • EEBS have experienced over 50 HMRC client inspections with never an issue raised.
  • Tried, tested and trusted
  • Compliance GUARANTEED.

Save time on administration

  • Dedicated Account Manager to help you with your account week to week
  • Secure online timesheet portal that can be accessed from your phone or tablet
  • EEBS report the sub-contractors monthly CIS deductions, leaving you to simply report payments to EEBS on your CIS300.
  • We send a text to the sub-contractors prior to paying them with the amount they are due to be paid
  • We provide weekly payment statements and year end statements to all sub-contractors.