H+H is the largest manufacturer of aircrete blocks and associated products and services in the UK. It is the company behind the more commonly known Celcon Blocks.  H+H produces aircrete of many kinds, including the Thin-Joint build system using Celfix mortar and Celcon Vertical Elements, the award-winning MMC system which allows a house to be built and weatherproof in just five days. 

Unlike other manufacturers, H+H specialises in aircrete and nothing else. There isn’t a question about building with aircrete blocks that the company’s well established and helpful technical department could not answer.

Based in Yorkshire and Kent the company has three manufacturing sites in the UK employing around 350 people, from new apprentices that have been with the company for a few months to the director of external affairs, the font of all knowledge when it comes to building with aircrete, who has been with the company for more than 30 years.

H+H is a company that understands builders and buildings making it the ideal firm to work with regardless of the size or scale of your project. Given the usability of H+H’s blocks, they are suitable for use in all building types, from extensions to conversions and complete new builds. The company also has a block for every aspect of building: 

  •  External solid walls
  •  External cavity walls: inner and outer leaf
  • Partition walls
  •  Separating and flanking walls
  • Solid foundations
  •  Beam and block floors
  •  Infill to steel and concrete framed buildings

H+H even has its own in-house thin-joint demonstrator, Andy, a former builder who will happily visit you on-site to offer help and instruction.