We believe that everyone should be able to build their own home. That’s why we’ve brought the nation’s landowners and specialist suppliers together in one place, making self-build as simple and straightforward as possible.

MyPlot hunts out suitable self-build plots across the UK, listing them on our website, all in one place. Then, once the perfect site has been found, self-builders can draw upon our network of selected support services, including planning consultants, mortgage advisers and of course building contractors and specialist house builders.

List within our Directory of Specialist Suppliers, completely free of charge

If you’re a building contractor or house builder with experience in self-build, why not list within our Specialist Suppliers’ Directory, completely free of charge?

You pay nothing for leads, simply paying a small fee on completion of the work. Get in touch with our Founder Paul Smith for more information via [email protected].

50% discount on our normal fees for FMB members completing the registration process by 31 March 2021!