Send professional invoices, accept instant payments and manage customers using Osu.

The app built for sole traders, the self-employed and small businesses. No more complicated invoicing software, long-winded bank transfers and expensive card readers.

Osu helps you get paid, fast. You send an invoice and payment link straight from your phone in seconds. Your customers click the link, pick their bank, and confirm the payment. And that’s it, the money instantly hits your bank account. 

What’s more, there are no transaction fees meaning you receive 100% of what you charge, always. And because you can get paid instantly using Osu, there’s no time, worry, or hassle spent chasing customers. Payment notifications are immediate and on the rare occasion where a customer can’t pay right away, follow-up reminders are automatically sent by Osu’s payment tracking system. Put simply, Osu is built to help you get fully paid, fast.

Start your 30-day free trial of Osu - the cutting-edge payment and business management app - with no commitment or need to provide card details. After 30 days choose between three subscription plans starting at just £4.99 per month.