What is Pomelo Pay?
Pomelo Pay is an innovative platform that provides a full suite of contactless payments solutions for businesses. We’ve built one of the best platforms that simplifies and streamlines payments specifically for employers of small and mid-sized businesses and the construction industry to accept all the ways your customers want to pay you and manage everything from one place.

We allow businesses to take payments through multiple touchpoints; on the go, in person, remotely, online, and through a payment gateway. By combining a number of technologies, from QR codes to NFC, businesses can accept payments without the use of hardware. That means say goodbye costly card readers, bulky hardware and locked-in contracts - simply pay a 1.49% fee per transaction using your phone and the FREE Pomelo app.

Our payment solutions are designed to be innovative and secure so businesses can stay ahead and create seamless payments experiences. In turn, we are helping building and construction SMEs to take payments quicker, convert sales, increase customer touchpoints, open new sales channels, support their cash flow, take control and grow their business.

Our products:

In-person payment

QR Codes; the clever way to accept touch-free payments anytime, anywhere. All your customer needs to do is scan the QR Code on your phone to pay.

Tap to Pay:  Our latest and simplest solution. All your customer needs to do is tap their card onto your phone screen to the checkout. 

Remote payments

Payment links; Payment Links are easy for your customers to pay you, wherever they are. Get paid remotely in just a few clicks by simply sending your customers the link via SMS, email or any other messaging platform.

Invoicing; Coming soon! Manage everything in one place with our customisable invoices - the solution to one-time payments, request deposits and add discounts with this new feature.

Key insights

Our merchant Dashboard provides analytics on your sales and data so gain valuable insights across channels, drive business growth and help deliver data make better, informed decisions.


Use our free online shop builder to sell services and products in an effective way boost sales and reach more customers.

Extra features

25+ payment methods: From Apple Pay to Visa, say yes to virtually every payment method

Currency conversion: Let your international customers pay in their own currency

Add multiple staff: Instantly add multiple staff members to your account at no extra cost

Our solutions have helped thousands of businesses in the construction industry nail their payment process. Get in touch with our Sales Team today to set up a Pomelo account FREE of charge and find out how we can take your business to the next level.

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