Radius Connect has a 30-year heritage as a provider of business telecoms products and services from all the leading networks and providers.

We integrate innovative business solutions, from mobile telephony, cloud-based phone systems and business grade broadband connectivity, to intelligent device security, collaboration products and productivity tools.

Why choose Radius Connect?

  • Experience and expertise

Trusted by customers across the globe for over 30 years

  • Choice and Value

Unbeatable value for money across multiple supplier and network relationships

  • Best-in-class Service

Our award-winning customer service makes us part of your team

We have nine sales and technical support centres around the UK and growing fast.
Businesses choose us because our extensive knowledge, market presence and a portfolio that best meets the needs of our customers, solving problems with innovative, tailor-made solutions.

We can do this because we offer a choice and value across numerous providers and brands in every category, at market-leading prices.

Our customers choose to stay with us because of our attention to detail and local presence, qualified technical support teams, who go above and beyond to keep their communication systems running smoothly. We also solve 94.6% of problems in under two hours.

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