RAM provides award winning vehicle tracking and fleet management tools for your business. Monitor your fleet and operations day to day to reduce costs and improve driver behaviour with real-time vehicle tracking.

RAM Tracking gives you complete visibility & control over your fleet

  • Free unit installations and setup
  • User friendly platform
  • Access anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Award winning training & support

Helping you save time and money

Improve business efficiency with smart vehicle tracking from RAM. It's 100% automated which means you don't even need to login; the system will alert you when something has happened, so you don’t have to waste time searching through detailed report. Using RAM Tracking businesses save on average £71 per vehicle per week. RAM Tracking can help you to reduce fleet costs by:

  • Private mileage: reducing fuel consumption, along with wear and tear on your vehicles
  • Efficient route planning: save money on fuel by making sure your drivers are taking the most cost-effective routes for jobs
  • Excessive idling: stop your drivers from burning fuel through idling
  • Speeding: monitor how well your employees are driving your vehicles, speeding and harsh braking can not only have an impact on fuel consumption but also wear and tear on your vehicles

Why are RAM Tracking the best for vehicle tracking systems?

  • Software: Get a live map view of your drivers, their status, and all the data you need to improve the efficiency of your business
  • Reports: Remove the admin from vehicle tracking with our easy-to-read reports that can be customised to your needs
  • Coverage: Stay ahead with your fleet management, make sure your vehicles are always in range, no matter where they are
  • Service: We keep your vehicles off the road for as little time as possible with quick installation at any address and at your convenience

Additional products and services:

  • Commercial dashcams: Traditional and Live cameras to help reduce risk of accidents and costs associated with wrongful legal / insurance claims. Our live cameras provide immediate alerts of poor driver behaviour and incidents to improve driver safety and reduce insurance costs
  • Fleet management: keep on top of your fleet with vehicle checks, MOT, service, lease and insurance renewal reminders, expenses, proof of delivery and accident notifications
  • DVLA license checks: partnership with the DVLA to ensure and track driver eligibility

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