WD-40® Multi-Use is a staple go-to product for all skilled tradespeople caught in a tight spot and needs little introduction.

Famously developed during the early 1950s where the initial ‘Water Displacing’ solution was first used in the space race. WD-40 has since found its way into the hands of millions of consumers, helping them to get the job done right, first time!

Its iconic blue and yellow-canned Multi-Use Product is synonymous with instant problem solving when faced with anything from releasing seized and rusty bolts, removing impurities, helping to eradicate water from electrics and cleaning dirty tools to safely lubricating any moveable part. WD-40®’s own website claims its famed blue and yellow cans are good for 2,000+ uses – that could well be underselling it!

The company has far from rested on its laurels, over the last decade it has developed a range of specialised products. Aptly named WD-40® Specialist, the range includes White Lithium Grease, Long Lasting Spray Grease, Dry PTFE Lubricant, High Performance PTFE Lubricant, Contact Cleaner, Fast Release Penetrant, Fast Acting Degreaser and Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil.  Nine self-explanatory products designed for specific needs.

More recently, WD-40® has continued its evolutionary ways by developing Flexible, the 21st century version of its simple, but effective, iconic red straw that are still taped to cans. In summary, WD-40 Flexible is a hard-wearing, heat resistant totally pliable ‘straw’ that maintains its ability to feed WD-40® to exactly the right spot even if curved round the tightest of bends.

Ingeniously, the designers have incorporated its ‘Spray 2 Ways’ technology that, with the flip down of the flexible straw, turns the precise direct flow to more ‘spray-like’ to cover larger areas. Its 360° valve ensures users literally can ‘Reach the Unreachable’ even with the cannister upside down.

WD-40® Specialist comprises nine superior and high-performing lubricants, greases and cleaners including High Performance White Lithium Grease, Anti-Friction Dry PTFE Spray, High Performance Silicone, Fast Drying Contact Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil. In essence, Specialist products covers every task faced by the professional.