The details of annual and public holidays during 2022 are as follows:

The BATJIC Working Rule Agreement includes holiday entitlement which is 22 days holiday plus eight public holidays.

In 2022 there will be an extra bank holiday to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Friday 3 June.

This was confirmed by the UK government, and the additional date this year will head up a long public holiday weekend held from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 4 June 2022.

The late Spring Holiday Monday has been moved to Thursday 2 June, immediately prior to the additional Bank Holiday for 2022 on Friday 3 June.

Guidance for members

Whether or not employees are entitled to an additional day's holiday will depend on the wording of the employment contract. Employees do not have an automatic right to paid time off on a bank holiday.

If the employment contract states that the employee's annual leave entitlement is a certain number of days plus bank holidays, they will be entitled to the additional day off.

However, if the contract states that the entitlement is to a certain number of days, and is silent on the issue of bank holidays, the employee will not be entitled to an additional day's leave. Neither will the employee be entitled to an extra day if entitlement is expressed as a certain number of days "plus eight bank holidays", or if the contract specifies which bank holidays are included.

Even where employees do not have a contractual entitlement to paid time off on the additional bank holiday, employers should consider providing this as a gesture of goodwill, where possible, or providing time off in lieu if employees are required to work on that day.

For further guidance, please contact the FMB’s business advisory helpline on 0116 243 7623

The public holiday dates are detailed below.

Annual and public / bank holidays 2022 - Scotland

The following days are to be recognised as public / bank holidays for the purposes of the Working Rule Agreement, provided that such days are generally recognised as holidays in the locality in which the work is being done.

  • Monday 3 January
  • Tuesday 4 January
  • Easter Monday - Monday 18 April
  • Early May Bank Holiday - Monday 2 May
  • May Bank Holiday Weekend - Thursday 2 & Friday 3 June*
  • Autumn Holiday - see below
  • Christmas Day (substitute) - Monday 26 December
  • Boxing Day (substitute) - Tuesday 27 December

*Additional date for 2022


The Friday immediately preceding the annual local trades holiday - fixed by your Local Authority.

A total of 11 annual leave days: two calendar weeks following the Friday.


This consists of one annual leave day and one public holiday: the Friday and Monday at the Autumn Holiday – which is fixed by your Local Authority.

Christmas & New Year 2022 / 2023

Four public holidays and 6 annual leave days.

In Scotland, the Christmas and New Year holiday period consists of four public holidays and six annual leave days giving a holiday of two calendar weeks.

The suggested close for the Christmas & New Year holiday will be Friday 23 December 2022 with a return to work on Monday 9 January 2023.

Members who require further information about the dates of the holidays to be fixed by a local authority should consult their local authority.

Holidays may be taken at times other than these by mutual agreement between the employer and employees.

To find out more or if you have any questions please contact FMB Scotland Director, Gordon Nelson at [email protected].

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