While you may be concentrating on perfecting your interior, the outside of your property should be just as important.

A new front door

Don’t underestimate the value a good quality front door can bring to your property. On the practical side, a good quality front door can help insulate your home. Indeed, most modern doors with glass panels have a plastic insulator, known as a thermal break, between their inner and outer frames.  On the decorative side, a new front door is a chance to make a statement. It’s a great way to add a splash of colour, but think about the tone of your home. You may want to consider making your new door in keeping with your property’s heritage – don’t put period features on a modern property or vice versa.


Good quality windows are crucial to improve the look of your home. It pays to refurbish the original windows as they will suit the feel of your property. If the windows are beyond repair, consider replacing them with versions which are as close to the originals as possible. If you are concerned that your original windows are drafty, you can upgrade to double or even triple glazing.


Although they are very useful, porches often become a messy dumping ground for muddy shoes and a pile of coats. This is such a shame as they are on view for all to see and are right at the front of your home. We recommend investing in built-in storage to keep your porch looking neat. Make sure your porch fits the feel of your home so it doesn’t look like a bulky add-on.

Good lighting

Lighting up the front of your home can be a really effective way to highlight features and can make your doorway feel safe. You could put a small light near the house number or name to help guests find your home. Garden lights also add an elegant look, just make sure they are not angled towards your or a neighbour’s windows.

Flower boxes

Investing in window boxes will revolutionise your home’s façade. The amount of sunlight your window receives is crucial in figuring out which plants will grow best there. When it comes to design, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options. Consider matching the colours with your curtains or your front door. You may want to have two sets of flower boxes, one for winter with hardy winter plants and one for summer with beautiful, bright flowers.

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