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Always trust a WaterSafe professional with your water supply pipe.

UK plumbing register WaterSafe have published findings from interviews with thousands of UK homeowners which shows up to one in three are unaware that they are responsible for the maintenance of the water supply pipe that serves their home.

Conducted in Novemeber 2021, the research also indicated that of the 2,000 householders interviewed:

  • 78% would be more likely to trust a tradesperson or company to work on their water supply pipe if they were backed by their local water company.
  • 82% would be worried about the amount of water being lost if there was a leak on their supply pipe.

What is WaterSafe?

WaterSafe is the register for approved contractors working with drinking water, making it easy to find someone who’s competent and qualified.

WaterSafe is supported by local water companies and currently offers 1,500 water supply pipe installers nationwide – these are specialists in putting in new supply pipes or repairing existing ones.

WaterSafe approval covers work on private property, but not work in public areas, such as the pavement or road, or work on apparatus owned by a water company. 

To find out more, watch the video below or visit their website:

Using a trusted professional to work on your water supply pipe

Reflecting on the research, Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, advocates for using only trusted professionals when dealing with something as important as your home's water supply pipe:

“Your water supply pipe carries water to your home from the water main in the road. So, to make sure you get safe and wholesome water, it’s really important that it’s installed or fixed by a trusted professional, such as a WaterSafe-approved installer."

“WaterSafe-approved contractors can put in a new supply pipe – for example, if you’ve been advised to replace lead pipes providing water to your property. They can also help advise on dealing with leaks on your supply pipe. Remember, leaks can be costly in terms of metered water bills and potentially having to put right damage to a home.”

Julie added: “Water supply pipe installers are only approved to work on the supply pipe from the external stop tap, up to the internal stop tap of a property. So, if you need work on your internal plumbing, you should use an approved plumber, who is approved for all types of plumbing work.”

Finding a WaterSafe-approved contractor

To find a WaterSafe-approved water supply pipe installer or other suitable approved contractor in your area, simply visit watersafe.org.uk, search for ‘Water supply pipe installers’, ‘Underground pipework’ or ‘Leak detection’, and enter your postcode.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a plumber you can trust to carry out more general work, our free Find a Builder service can help you find Master Builders nearby.

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