Large Renovation Project national finalists 2021

Congratulations to the regional and devolved nations' winners of the 2021 Large Renovation Project category who will now go on to compete in the National Master Builder Awards on 24 September 2021. Check out the full list of national finalists below and learn more about their projects.

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Large Renovation Project - Carreg Construction Ltd (Cymru)

This project saw Carreg Construction convert a Grade II listed medieval farmhouse into a 21st century home, preserving the historical character while introducing modern amenities and creature comforts. The existing structure required a complete reconstruction of the rear gable and of its large chimney, as well as two Flemish style chimneys towards the front of the building – all of which was achieved by reusing rubble walling and lime mortar already present at the site. The project brought together traditional artisan craft skills and modern construction methods and materials to rescue an historical treasure from ruin and deliver a wonderful new family home.

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Large Renovation Project - Property Revolutions Ltd (Eastern)

This renovation of a dated Victorian home saw Property Revolutions take on a challenge that was both technical and logistical in nature. Combining superb attention to detail and a dedicated focus on reducing environmental impacts, this Master Builder delivered bespoke hand-made finishes throughout to maintain the historic character of the house while bringing it into the 21st century. The judges described it as "a stunning yet clever renovation, transforming a largely unaltered Victorian home into a sympathetically restored, well-performing, nearly zero-carbon home using a fabric-first approach combined with modern technology and traditional craftsmanship."

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Large Renovation Project - Earl and Calam Design and Build Ltd (London)

Undertaking specialist training in retrofit coordination to tackle this project brief, Earl and Calam Design and Build embraced an aged, leaky and poorly maintained period property as an opportunity to, in their own words “increase our knowledge and properly enter the world of retrofit”. The team achieved a 70% reduction in air leakage and transformed the property into a modern, efficient family home replete with energy-saving technology. The client was delighted with their refurbished home, stating: “Our energy bills are a fraction of the cost they were 12 months ago, and the house always feel warm and cosy despite being a large five-bedroom semi-detached. We can’t thank Earl & Calam enough for all their help and hard work throughout the project.”

Find out more about Earl and Calam Design and Build Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.

Large Renovation Project - Templederry Properties Limited (Midlands)

This project saw Templederry Properties Limited convert a series of derelict barns into a luxury five-bedroom, five-bathroom home. Despite half the buildings requiring significant reconstruction and the extra challenges of a heavily waterlogged, overgrown site, Templederry persevered to transform this forgotten farmyard into a work of modern beauty. Retaining many of the original features and repurposing existing materials, the team were able to produce a contemporary finish in 200-year-old agricultural buildings. The finished product features oak doors, around 300 LED light fittings and unique features such as an original timber fragment fashioned into a lighting fixture in the kitchen. Their client “couldn’t be happier” with their new home.

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Large Renovation Project - Carrock Homes Ltd (Northern Counties)

This impressive renovation of a derelict cruck barn saw Carrock Homes create a bespoke, energy-efficient home for their client. Using traditional techniques so as not to disrupt the building’s historic character, the team lovingly restored the original oak frames before implementing modern air-source heating technology. A Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system has also been routed through the air ducts to provide hot water at virtually no cost whatsoever to the client, who was delighted with the results, stating: “The wow-factor stops us in our tracks daily and makes us realise how fortunate we were to have found a company with such vision and professionalism”. 

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Large Renovation Project - Alskea Contracts Ltd (Northern Ireland)

Alskea Contracts Ltd’s stunning transformation of this Listed but derelict church building - The Chapel of the Resurrection – into four fabulous bespoke apartments really caught the judges’ eye. Using traditional construction methods to restore the aged structure, the team have furnished the interior with modern technology to bring the property into the 21st century, without compromising the historic exterior aesthetic. The resurrected property now serves fittingly as a stunning centrepiece to a new residential development of 25 houses and is a testament to what can be achieved with a considered approach to large-scale renovation.

Find out more about Alskea Contracts Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer. 

Large Renovation Project - J C Building Services (North West)

J C Building Services’ transformation of this dilapidated 16th century farmhouse into a modern family home made use of almost entirely locally sourced and salvaged materials to restore the property in a manner sympathetic to its original style and character. The works required a complete structural and cosmetic fit-out to bring the property up to and surpass modern insulation requirements. The project impressed the judges who praised the “great emphasis on sustainable supplies and materials” to “create a beautiful home.” The clients were clearly delighted, stating:

…we absolutely love everything about the house, every time we come here we can’t believe how beautiful all the individual features are, every room has a number of things that make us smile."

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Large Renovation Project - Spey Building & Joinery Ltd (Scotland)

Set in the heart of the picturesque Cairngorms National Park, this refurbishment and extension of a traditional family home saw Spey Building & Joinery install extensive insulation measures and an air-source heat pump to keep their clients warm and comfortable and all seasons. The new extension is connected to the original house by a glazed link, which serves as the entrance for the house as well as facilitating stunning views of the Spey Valley to the North. The judges were impressed by the cantilever design and weightless appearance of the structure, describing the choice of materials and the workmanship on display as “exemplary”.

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Large Renovation Project - Bespoke Living Construction Ltd (Southern Counties)

The judges were hugely impressed by the sustainability credentials of this stunning contemporary addition to an historic thatched property. The works consisted of demolishing a garage and old extension to create a new single-storey version, as well as the full renovation of an 18th century thatched cottage with a view to preserving the property’s rich character. The team took extensive measures to protect the thatched roof and to improve the property’s energy efficiency, whilst working to reduce waste by salvaging and reusing site materials. Their clients were over the moon, stating “Highly recommended - a great team to work with.”

Find out more about Bespoke Living Construction Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.

Large Renovation Project - Stonewood Builders Ltd (South West)

Stonewood Builders’ loving restoration of this historic Grade II Listed medieval hall house saw them first strip back the work of previous renovations to recover the building’s true 12th century character. The team then proceeded to furnish the historical property with a wealth of 21st century conveniences including underfloor heating, contemporary plumbing and electrical work and fibre optic broadband; all carefully integrated into the medieval setting without compromising its aesthetic. Their skilful undertaking of this challenging task delighted their clients, who stated:

“We would highly recommend Stonewood, especially for those projects with an extra level of difficulty. We know they can rise to the challenge. We’ve seen it for ourselves.”

Find out more about Stonewood Builders Ltd.

Large Renovation Project - IPSUM (UK) Ltd (Yorkshire & Trent)

IPSUM (UK)’s comprehensive renovation of this property involved building a large rear extension, a garage extension, swimming pool building alterations, and a full refurbishment of the interior spaces. Working closely with their client right from the initial stages, the team were excited to take on what was their biggest tender to date and impressed the judges with an unconventional design and complex roof structure. The homeowner was delighted with the build and the service they received, stating: “I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail and standard of workmanship, nothing was too much trouble”.

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