Head office

David Croft House
25 Ely Place
London   EC1N 6TD
Tel: 0330 333 7777
Fax: 020 7025 2929
Email: [email protected]

Press enquiries

Tel: 07702 902 602  Out of hours: 07741 240 664
Email: [email protected]

Advertise with us

Tel: 020 7025 2900
Mobile: 07710 395 561
Email: [email protected]


Viscount Court
245 Leeds Road
Leeds  LS26 0GR

Tel: 0330 333 7777
Email: [email protected]

FMB Insurance

1st Floor, Gemini House
Cambridgeshire Business Park
Angel Drove
Ely  CB7 4EA

Tel: 01353 652760
Email: [email protected]

Our regional offices

We operate in all areas of the UK and each region has a regional director. To find out more and access contact details for our officers see where we operate.

See where we operate


Making a complaint

We recognise that on occasion disagreements can occur when building work is being undertaken. See how our disputes process works or speak to one of our disputes team.

Find out more about disputes

Report logo misuse

Sometimes places claim to be an FMB member when they're not by displaying the FMB logo. Please report builders who are not members to our trademark team.

Email trademark team