Building for the Future

The next Government will have many big issues to contend with from the housing crisis to the climate emergency.

Construction companies will also play a key role in helping the Government reach a net-carbon Britain by undertaking the retrofit works that are necessary to upgrade and decarbonise our existing housing stock.

Builders across the UK stand ready to meet the challenges ahead but need support to do this.

We have produced a 12-point programme for the new Government to empower the UK’s construction industry to meet the challenges ahead.

12 policies to #BuildBetter


  1. Make house building a national infrastructure priority
  2. Free up more public land for housing and break up into small plots for small builders
  3. Invest in local authority planning departments to speed up the planning process


  1. Promote vocational education and invest in Further Education
  2. Reform the Apprenticeship levy so it works better for small companies
  3. Introduce a fair and balance post- Brexit immigration system


  1. License all UK construction companies
  2. Introduce mandatory warranties for Building Control approved work
  3. Create a new General Builder Qualification

Net zero

  1. Create a National Retrofit Strategy
  2. Invest in upskilling builders to build and upgrade homes fit for the future
  3. Cut VAT on home improvement work to 5%

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