City Lofts London came to the rescue of a client in distress; taking on a “house of horrors” that many builders would have walked away from and treating the client with outstanding care.

The client had been failed by solicitors, a surveyor and cowboy builders and in addition to the serious structural integrity issues, the property had an illegally built loft structure. The state of the property also meant the clients were in real danger; with no means of escape in the event of a fire, load-bearing plaster walls causing the first-floor ceiling joists to fracture and bow, structural cracks on several walls, and a collapsed dwarf wall under the property, the home was in danger of collapse.

City Lofts performed structural reinforcement of the supporting walls and foundations, as well as a completely new loft conversion, first-floor renovation and a raft of additional internal improvements to bring this 1950s suburban family home back from the brink.

After being systematically failed by the property market and then again by cowboy builders, the client was understandably reserved about finding a new, quality builder. Trust was established in stages, with City Lofts conducting a rigorous site inspection and taking the time to explain all the issues before proceeding.

City Lofts London provided evidence-based solutions and involved their client in every stage of the project, providing references and facilitating site visits to previous jobs to reassure them that value was finally being delivered. Demonstrating their commitment to building better, City Lofts London also agreed to work in arrears throughout the project; asking for payment only when significant milestones were completed.

As a result of this Heavenly Builder, their client not only regained a safe and secure home, but also their faith in the industry as a whole – which is exactly what the Master Builder difference is all about.

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