Toolfair Sandown 2023
FMB London Director Sam Eden at Toolfair

Sam Eden, London Director for the FMB, attended the Toolfair at Sandown in November. Sam met with construction professionals and spoke about the benefits of being a Master Builder and how joining the Federation puts your clients at ease.

Sam was joined by London Member Mustafa Dervis from Chalk Build Ltd. Mustafa gave an insightful presentation on Building a Reputation for Professional Service. Sam caught up with Mustafa after his presentation to discuss some of the key points he wanted visitors to take away.

Question: What are the first steps a member should take in wanting to build a strong reputation?

Focus on your craft and the reputation will follow. The foundation of a strong reputation is the quality of your work. Ensure that you consistently deliver high-quality results and meet or exceed your clients' expectations. Secondly uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all your business dealings. Honesty is key to building a solid reputation.

Question: Where should someone start that is new to the digital side of marketing themselves?

Sam Eden with Mustafa Dervis, Chalk Build Ltd
Sam Eden with Mustafa Dervis at Toolfair Sandown 2023

Don’t be afraid of it, there is help out there and FMB have some great webinars on growing your business. Firstly you need to create a professional website showcasing your portfolio, services, and contact information. Make sure it's mobile-friendly. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Houzz to share your work, engage with your audience, and build your online presence.

How does a member build good testimonials?

Ask clients to be specific in their testimonials. What aspects of your service or work did they appreciate the most? Specifics add credibility. Always ask for permission to use their testimonials on your website or marketing materials.

You’ve spoken about the 3 pillars of success, what are the fundamentals of this ethos?

Mustafa Dervis, Chalk Build Ltd at Toolfair Sandown 2023
Mustafa Dervis, Chalk Build Ltd at Toolfair Sandown 2023

In any business, the three fundamental pillars of success are sales and marketing, operations, and financial management. These pillars are interdependent and crucial for achieving sustainable success. Sales and marketing drive growth by attracting customers and generating revenue, while operations ensure the efficient delivery of products or services, meeting customer expectations. Financial management, on the other hand, provides the necessary stability, allowing a business to weather economic challenges and make strategic decisions. Together, these pillars form a strong foundation, ensuring a business can thrive, adapt, and remain competitive in an ever-changing market landscape. Each pillar plays a unique role, and their harmonious integration is key to achieving lasting success.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting out what would that be?

Mustafa Dervis from Chalk Build Ltd
Mustafa Dervis from Chalk Build Ltd

One piece of advice for someone starting out: **Invest in your knowledge and skills**. The construction industry is always evolving. Continuous learning and staying current with the latest construction techniques, materials, and technologies will set you apart and lead to long-term success.

Are you interested in taking part in a trade show?

If you would be interested in representing the FMB at a trade show then please get in touch.