The next government must collaborate with the private sector in order to deliver the homes that are needed, according to the Federation of Master Builders in response to the Labour Party's manifesto launched today.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said: “This country is in dire need of a housing revolution to address the critical lack of homes that is hampering the very fabric of our society. It is therefore pleasing that Labour are placing the delivery of housing at the forefront of their manifesto commitments. However, if supply is to meet demand, there needs to be a strong collaboration between the public and private sectors as neither can deliver the required upsurge in delivery alone. Labour’s manifesto places an overemphasis on the role of the state in supplying homes with very little detail on the role of the private sector in this endeavour.”

Berry concluded: “One of the primary causes for the housing crisis is the decline in the number and output of small house builders with today’s market dominated by a small number of very large players. Back in 1988, 40% of new homes were delivered by small local building firms compared with a mere 12% today. Reversing this decline and unlocking the potential of small house builders by streamlining and simplifying the planning process, improving access to finance, and freeing up small plots of viable land, would go a long way to resolve this critical issue.”

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