A recent report by Voucherscodepro.co.uk indicated that 23% of construction workers will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on site twice a week. This makes it difficult for workers to eat healthily, and they may be sacrificing their health (and waistline).

We’ve looked into some ways to improve your lunchtime (and possibly breakfast and dinner) habits on-site.

It can be difficult to prepare and store food on site so find out before-hand what you’ll have access to in terms of preparing and storing food.

DIY pot noodles: Create your own tastier and healthier version of a pot noodle. You’ll need to store in the fridge or a cool box, but all you need to prepare it is a kettle. You can use a variety of flavours and ingredients, the recipe is here 

Flask of soup: Great for milder weather, you can sip on this throughout the day and a thermos can keep your soup warm for hours. A thermos is especially useful if you have no access to a fridge or method of preparation once you’re on site.

Breakfast bars: Some breakfast bars are packed with sugar so check the ingredients first. It’s easy to make your own in the oven by combining mashed banana with breakfast oats and baking in the oven for 30 minutes. The full recipe is here. You can skip the dried fruit or replace it with chocolate chips or nuts if you want to try something different. 

Sandwiches: We also have the much loved sandwich, which can be made lovingly, with different healthy ingredients and a variety of different types of bread to stop you groaning with boredom during your 15th BLT of the week. Homemade is infinitely tastier and healthier than pre-packed.

Snacks: Pack some unsalted nuts, raw vegetables, fruit, hard boiled eggs and other healthy, protein filled snacks to get you through the day.

Hydration: Construction is physically demanding so it’s important to keep hydrated in all weather. Pack lots of water and during the hotter days bring along some sports drinks to replenish missing electrolytes.

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